Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Being a missionary rocks and still livin the dream" 4 September 2010

Well lets start off with my birthday, it was fun. It started at getting up at 5:00am to take a kid to the airport so that he could be flown out to the middle of no where and open an amazing new area with the ap, my teaching companion. Then we came to the office and worked all day till 6:00pm or so then me and one of the aps went to run errands and stuff together. Eventually we made it to go eat at this place called Rosti Pollo. It's like um I don't know, Nica food. Then we went back to the house and went to bed. We bought a cheesecake and ice cream but didn't have time to eat it, so its in the fridge. Hermana Arredondo, the Presidents wife, said she got me a cake and that we are going to celebrate tomorrow. But over all, it was really fun.

Alright my job as a secretary is:
1. Do what ever president tells me to do.
2. Get reports of all the numbers every week and send them to salt lake.
3. Record all the baptismal registros in the computer
4. I am in charge of all the letters and packages for the missionaries.
5. I am in charge of making sure all the missionaries have teaching materials
6. I take people to the airport
7. I pick people up from the airport
8. I buy the plane tickets for missionaries to go home
9. I get stuff ready for missionaries coming and going.
10. Make sure every body has there legal papers.
11. Put peoples (locals from Nica) mission calls into the computer because they don't have computers
12. more things.... the list just keeps growing

But I love being here it is so much fun. There are a lot of pros and a lot of down sides, but more pros then any thing I believe.

Alright so lets see, I got the dry food package and an envelope with a ton of photos but never got the dvd. So you know, I go to the other mission office like 2 times a week so if it goes there it is not a problem cause I will get it.

So we have an investigator that we are going to baptize this weekend, actually 6 but one of the six wants to get baptized in a river so it is going to be a little difficult because here in Managua all of the water is contaminated. We will see what we can do. The other 5 people are a family and they are so awesome. They are always going to the church and every thing. I can't wait to help them receive salvation and in one year get married in the temple.

Being a missionary rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I never left the city, but I am still living the dream.

Old Boy (20 years old now)

Dead pig hanging out of back of the truck. You see lots of random things while driving down the road.

Cattle wandering on the highway.

Horse and cart, part of the normal traffic.

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