Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Road Trip 13 September 2010

Kyle's "Nicaragua style missionary" When we lived in Japan when Kyle was born, when ever we would see missionaries riding their bikes wearing helmets, We would point and say, "There's the missionaries". One day after we had moved back to Arizona, Kyle pointed to his bike helmet and asked for his missionary. All those times in Japan when we would point to the missionaries, he thought we were talking about the helmets as the missionaries are the only ones that wear them in Japan while riding bikes.

This is a family that Kyle and Elder Sanders taught and baptized

I Love you. I don't know if I will have time to write this week. Things are nuts here. Elder Clark is coming for 4 days tomorrow, so we need to get ready. Life is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went on 2 crazy road trips. I ran over my first chicken. woooo hoooo and I left Managua(He has not been out of he city since he got there until this week.) finally.
Oh also we had 7 baptisms this week, talk about a miracle for never working in the area.
More later maybe.

These are pictures from the "Road Trip".

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