Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work is Progressing April 11, 2010

An important part about calling on mother"s day is knowing what day Mother's Day is. So what day is mother's day?

So this week went really well we found a family of 6 that are super sweet. That same day we found another family. That was on Tuesday. I put 8 baptismal dates with people that day and 3 more on Thursday, so the work here is going well.

Dad don't worry, I write the stories in my journal, but I need to write more.

Wow mom, you are letting Travis skip school, whats up with that? Just because I skipped school a few times, doesn't mean Travis can do it also. Just kidding. Its awesome that the girls did so well with soccer but that is too bad they lost in semi-finales. I miss the good old days when I played soccer. I want to play soccer in college. I can't believe that Travis is going on dates, that is weird.

Hey so next Monday, I am going to the distribution center here to buy a bunch of stuff for the members so I don't know how much money I have on my card, but I will need a couple bucks to do that. Thanks, I hate spending money but it is some thing that has to be done.

Well here is my letter this week think thats every thing. Sorry I didn't have much time.
Elder Bloomfield

Conference April 5, 2010

> Hey there,

> So recap of the week. Well Tuesday I found out that my new comp. use to live in the Bronx in New York and is almost fluent in English. He watched conference in English with all the American Elders and I. Wednesday a guy that has been out of work shared a sweet spiritual story with us. I have seen this all play out in the last 2 months or so but lets just say he has a ton of faith. I will tell the story when I get home.

> Thursday one of the girls that lives in the house where we eat every day literally went crazy and took her son and ran away. So I got to learn more about the tough life of living in Nicaragua. Also we had a primary activity. We had 3 blow up pools out side and a pinata and food. It was fun. Every house here has a blow up pool, it is hilarious to see grown people always hanging out in their pool. Friday they found the girl and brought her home and now she is in the house and is depressed and hates her life. There is more to the story, but you don't need to know . Lets just say tough life.

> Saturday conference was amazing. We didn't do any thing all day because we didn't have time to leave the church and come back for the other sessions, so we were in the church all day long. Saturday night we got a bunch of phone calls from members in the ward that were worried about us because we didn't go eat and they didn't see us at conference. It was nice to see how much the members notice stuff and are always watching and always looking out and caring for los elderes.

> Sunday conference was great again. We had 1130 people in the chapel to watch the Sunday morning session and about 50 in the afternoon session, I thought that was real funny.

> So the talks were all really good and Sister Beck dominated the female race. If you weren't a good mother before I am sure you will be a good mother now after all she had to say (do you think that comment was for me? I guess he isn't sure if I am a good mother or not ha ha ha). All the talks were really good. Just as Pres. Thomas S . Monson said in the priesthood session, "it is the best session he has every heard". Once again Elder Holland blew every one out of the water and He is an amazing speaker. I don't remember what else, but I have a ton of notes to review.

> About my clothes, I still have all of them but I just wear the same tie every day and change between 3 different pants. Don't worry I haven't been robbed ....yet. (I got a letter from kyle in the mail last week saying that he was doing well and things were good as he could wash his tie out and wear it the next day, so I emailed him to ask what had happened to the rest of the clothes he too with him).
> So they say here that the past week is usually the hottest week of the year. I hope that's true because it is so hot.
> Anyways, Thanks for every thing good luck with this week.
> love ,
> Elder Bloomfield
> ps El Salvador is sweet. Every person I have meet from El Salvador is awesome (Kyle good friend from Arizona, Noah Cook, received his mission call to El Salvador. It will be fun having them so close and able to compare stories after their missions). That is cool there is so many leaving on missions (4 of Kyle's friends from our stake received their calls last week).

Sick For The First Time March 29, 2010

Hey there family,

Alright so this was an eventful week. I can't write in English. So changes last Wed.. I got a new comp from Guatemala, his name is Elder Herrera. He has 3 months in the mission, 2 years as a member and he is 25 and is really quiet. I am senior companion, so I do a lot of talking and a lot of teaching. He really hasn't talked to me much, he is keeping to him self, but he is a good missionary so it's all good.

Thursday I got sick for my first time. I ate a plate of beans and this thing they call cheese. It doesn't taste good at all and it didn't sit well in my stomach, so at 9:30 when we got back to the house, I had a little of my favorite thing, diarrhea. At 11 I threw up as well as a couple more times. So I was really exhausted in the morning but the work goes on so, Friday we left to do our work and I didn't eat lunch or dinner. Finally at 7 pm I just couldn't take it any more, so I went home, took some drugs, checked my temp. and it was 102. I then asked for a blessing from my comp and took a cold shower because there is no such thing as a warm shower here or a hot shower. I went to sleep around 7:30 and I woke up at 7 the next day and felt perfect. The miracle of the priesthood and a little rest.

So Saturday we were teaching the little kids English. and we were teaching them different professions. We were playing cheraids of professions and I had to be a model, so I was walking like a model and one of the little boys was like I know, I know you are gay. It was pretty funny, but they learned English.

So conference this next week is going to be great with all the stuff that is going on in this world right now. I am real excited to watch it. Luckily we watch it in English in the High Council room.

Well I think that is all for this week. Have you got my letters?

Keep doing what you are doing.

Love you, Elder Bloomfield

Sun Burn March 22, 2010

> Hey family,
> Alright so this week was pretty normal. My comp has 6 months in this area as well as he is hitting 1 year in a week, so he is rather trunky and doesn't like to do much. It's difficult trying to keep him working.
> We were pretty successful this week with the attendance at church when I got here it was around 60 and Sunday we had 85, so that was good.
> So far as a zone we have around 41 baptisms, so for p-day today, Pres. rented 3 turf soccer fields like the fields I played on in Japan. My zone and like 4 or 5 other zones all came to play soccer here. It was sweet but I am super sun burned right now. Super sunburned!!

> Seems like every thing is still going good back home and spring break went well. Dad sounded like he had a good time. Do you want to know something? The thing I am most worried about out of every thing when I get home is dad being old and fat and not being able to wake board or play soccer or play with us, but I have decided to get our male bonding we will have to take up golfing.
> Oh Dad from your letter I have a comment. Every Saturday we have English lessons. There are 3 different classes: advanced, every one else and kids. I am the teacher of the kids and it is so cute to see some of the things they say. It's hilarious.
> Well Wednesday (changes ) will be interesting to see what happens. I feel like this next change is going to be really hard, but who cares that's life.
> By the way, I sent 3 letters to the house: one for boys, one girls and one for parents . so be looking for those.
> An 87 year old man gave me a cowboy hat that says rodeo texas. It was funny, I told him his hat was cool and that I am from Texas and he said, "oh cool try it on". So I put it on and he was like, "it fits perfectly, it's yours". Then to my comp he was like don't worry I have another hat for you, so he went in his house and came back out to give my comp a cowboy hat too.
> I think that's it. A bunch of random stuff.
> I will let you know how changes go. Tell every one hello and good luck with this week.
> Love, Elder Bloomfield

Friday, April 9, 2010

Facing the Truth. March 8, 2010

Alright so this week went pretty well, we found a lot of people.

One guy we met is rather crazy telling us about all these visions he has and about how he saw the devil. By the way the devil has feet of a cow and only one horn (according to him). We are not sure if he is legit or really crazy. When he prayed, he said every thing 3 times so it was a rather long prayer.

This week we also had a conference with President Martino of the Seventy. We are having a ton of meetings with all the changes that are going on with this mission splitting in July.

So we have an investigator that we have been teaching that said she heard a voice telling her this church is true. Now she is scared and doesn't want to talk to us. It is rather sad. She doesn't understand how she could have followed a church for her whole life that was a lie and not true. Now she is a little down. It's frustrating because she knows its true but doesn't want to admit her whole religious life has been in a church that is not totally true. She is suppose to be baptized this week, but we will see.

Love you,
Miss you
Keep teaching others about the gospel.
Elder Bloomfield