Thursday, March 4, 2010

How transfers work - March 1, 2010

Alright, so you and Dad want to know about changes/transfers. So what you do is pack every thing up, put it in a taxi and go to a chapel that the Mission President tells you to go to. We have a little devotional and then he tells who is going where and that's when you meet your new companion. Then you get in a taxi and go to your new area. That's basically how it is done. Usually you are always with a Latin American companion, but there is a rare chance of getting a gringo for a comp.. From what I have heard you have one gringo comp. usually during your mission.

My comp. is from Guatemala and is pretty cool. We have one investigator that was praying until like 2 in the morning asking God what church is true and when she finally laid down to go to sleep she heard a voice saying this is the true church. The funny part of the story is she thinks it was her 19 year old cousin messing with her and thinks that he said it. But as we know, it was the spirit- cool little story. We just need to get her Moms permission to baptize her. We have a couple other investigators but we need to work hard this week and find new investigators.

Leaving my first area was a little sad, but what people do here is give note books to others kinda like year books and people sign it and write memories and put pictures and stuff so I have one of those that people write in.

I don't know what mission I am in yet and I probably won't know until July (They are splitting Kyle's mission in July).

I haven't felt any crazy earth quakes.
I haven't played many sports lately, its kinda sad.

This week we had stake conference and so we watch a live satellite broadcast from Utah with President Eyring and 2 members of the quorum of the seventy and they all talked about the 3 most important things we can do as a family and by our self. They are: family home evening, scripture study and family and personal prayers. All 3 of them talked about that because in all seriousness the families here need to be strengthened a lot. They all live together but they are not families they are just a bunch of people in a house.

It's weird to think that every one is coming home from their missions (we have had 3 missionaries come home in the last 3 weeks and we have 2 more coming soon). It doesn't seem like they were that much older than me, but then again I am on a mission also.

It's about time Travis do some thing manly like play with an injury (the doctor cleared Travis to play soccer as long as he wears his brace and tapes his fingers together). That eagle project should have been done a year ago lazy kid (We have Travis's Eagle Project scheduled for March 27th).

Well I think that is about it.

Love you and Miss you.
Elder Bloomfield

1st Transfer in Nicaragua Feb. 22, 2010

Sorry you didn't get a email last week I was trying to send you some pictures so my computer was going really slow then the internet went out so nothing was sent. I decided that I would print pictures out and send them to you.

So this last week has been pretty great. I have a new companion named Elder Chavez. He is great. We get along real well. I am in a different area, it's called the Primavera. It is like 20 mins east from my old area, so I am still in the city. I want to leave this city.
My new area is cool the people here are super nice. There aren't many members so we are a branch. Attendance is about 60 usually.

President Clayton, one of the members of the quorum of the seventy came and talked to us last week. It was cool. He talked a lot about pioneers and the history of the church. I liked hearing that stuff because I don't think many of the missionaries know the stories, they just know the basic doctrine, but there is no problem with just the basics because that is all our faith is based on.

So Mom, you hang out with my friends to much because you use words only us 3 used. epic & glorious. You are a silly mom.

Will you make sure my credit card has around 200 dollars. My mission card was eaten by the ATM machine. I have to wait for another one to be sent from the USA so that will take a couple of weeks. So mean while, I have to use my own card.

It's crazy to think that Steven and Chase (boys from our ward that have been on missions) are coming home. It seems like they just left. It's crazy that it is already Febrero. Just think I had a mullet this time last year and now I am here helping people change their lives.

I got the photos and the activities. Thanks I can use those activities.

Um I don't know what else. Tell the family hey and that I miss them.
Love, Kyle
de le pues

The drunk following us home February 8, 2010

Hey family and friends,
Yeah it is fun to talk to people in Spanish but, there is so much more I have to learn. So So much.

So between now and July they are going to send 200 new missionaries to Nicaragua. Many of the missionaries and people here are going to be pushed to work harder to work in spots of leaderships or to train others. We are thinking that they are going to divide it in half and divide Managua in half also, but we don't really know at all. Speaking of changes, we have changes/transfers this Wed.. I don't know what is going to happen. I could change or my companion, but not really sure right now. my companion told the Mission Pres. that he doesn't want to change so we will see what happens.

I am sure it is sad to see Zach go (Zach Kyle's best friend will leave for New Zealand tomorrow to go to school). I am sure he will be fine with out us.....for a while, but I know the family will all miss him when he is gone. It's sad to see every one grow up. Growing up sucks. Tell Zach and Mo that I will take them up on that and I will baptize them when I get home.

Of course I right in my journal every day what kind of missionary do you think I am? gosh... ( asked Kyle if he was writing down all his experiences in his journal so he can share them with us when he gets home, because I feel there is much more to his life down there than we ever here about).

Your thought you heard is like the scripture in the Book of Mormon, I believe it is in mosiah 4 :27 but that might be a huge lie. It's the scripture about how God won't ask you to run faster then you are able. He will push you, but he won't break you.

So things that happened this week. One of our investigators boar his testimony about the church in fast and testimony meeting and the wife boar hers in relief society. Also they invited us over to their house for a birthday party. We had tons of fun and ate cake and talked and stuff. They are golden, but the husband has a drinking problem so we are working on that.

We had a really difficult baptism this week, but a miracle happened that caused every thing to fall into place and it did happen.

So we were contacting a lady yesterday and a 95 year old woman walked into the room and looked at us and the girl we were teaching and turned around to walk away and while she was walking away she yelled make sure and use a condom. It was really funny. She had on animal sunglasses like Olivia and Cassi have and she could barely walk but she still had jokes.

Also there was a drunk hanging out out side of our house yesterday night so at 9 when we went to go in he was standing there and was like I knew you were going to pass by here. so we just walked past our house and he followed us and yelled I am not going to rob you, I just want to talk about God. We went to the house a little later and he was still there so we just walked past again and he was like man stop walking you are always walking . It was funny eventually he left the house and we got to enter. Every thing went well no problems.

I think that is about it. Oh I got my Nicaragua residents id today so I am an official resident.

We'll talk next week. I will let you know how changes go.
Tell Zach good luck and stay safe and I love him.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

A wedding and 2 baptisms February 2, 2010

Well this week went well. Saturday we married and baptized 2 people. I believe we can do the marriage but since we only do civil marriages we have a lawyer do it so they are married by the law, but the lucky thing is our bishop is a lawyer. He charges us 10 dollars for a wedding, so it's not to bad and the mission will reimburse us.

Speaking of the mission, I have big news. In July they are splitting the mission into 2 different missions. They are sending 25 new missionaries this change and 20 new missionaries the next two changes after that so clearly the Lord has some huge plans for us here.

Oh this week at church we had 9 investigators and one was a family of 5 they are super cool. They were super excited to come to church. They even brought their camera and asked to take pictures with us so they wouldn't forget us. We took them on a tour of the church, when they saw the baptismal font they asked when you could get baptized. It is kinda funny because the first time we talked to the family the father didn't want come to the gate and talk to us, but his wife made him and now they are super pilas and have tons of questions. They even did research on the Internet. That is a lot of work considering there isn't a computer in every house.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, the Internet was down in my area so I couldn't.

Oh about Travis he sent me an email asking for advice. He said that it sucks I am not there for him to talk to. How cute.

I don't have any pictures yet, but maybe next p-day I will send you some.

There aren't really doors here so I won't get the door slammed in my face.

So I have been out almost 5 months now and time is flying and I am always having fun. It is nice being able to speak Spanish and interact more with the people. I am starting to get a personality now. before I was a robot trying to think every sentence out.

Well have a good week!!

Love, Elder Bloomfield

Here is the Article on Kyle's mission being divided as it was announced in the Feb. 13, 2010 CHURCH NEWS:

Create the Nicaragua Managua North Mission from a division of the Nicaragua Managua Mission. The name of the Nicaragua Managua Mission will be changed to the Nicaragua Managua South Mission.

Nicaragua Managua North

Spanish is coming along January 25, 2010

Alright so this week. It was an interesting week. It started off really good, all of our investigators were progressing. Things were good with my comp and we were teaching a lot and finding a lot. We have 8 families that we are teaching.
Then Friday comes around the zone leader came on divisions with us all day and to do a baptismal interview. Well the girl wasn't there, and wouldn't be back till the next day. So we couldn't interview her. So our Zone leader decided to spend the night with us and the next day, Saturday interview her for her baptismo. So he spent the night with us. The problem with that was the sink flooded the whole house so the floor was all wet. We dried it as much as we could then we put the 2 beds on the floor to sleep all 3 of is on 2 mattresses pushed together. Good night.

Saturday didn't go to well either. We had an activity at a different church and a baptism at the same time, so we did divisions. I went to the activity and he went to the baptism.
But when we got there, we found that Friday night some one broke into the church and stole the air conditioning and damaged the church so when Sunday came around sacrament meeting in a suit with no ac is horrible. I was soaking wet. But anyways back to Saturday night, one of our families that was super positive that we have been teaching, we went to visit, and the husband was drunk. Usually he is real lively and fun. He always jokes with me asking if I would like to be black like him and he tells me he wants to be white. He says he is going to put flour on his skin to make him white like me. We talked to him and figured out his problem and stuff. He did go to church the next day so that was good. So we left that house and were walking to do family prayer with a family we are teaching and on the way there a girl yelled to me and asked me to make her a baby. It is real interesting when you can understand people. We went to family prayer and one of the girls that is suppose to get baptized this week decided she is getting back together with her boyfriend. Supposedly they are going to get married because she wants to get married. It's just a hole load of stress, but it's really fun here.

Its really hot here these days, but I am kinda use to it. Texas is pretty hot.

Oh so there is a member here that is the spitting image of scooter from soccer zone. It is hilarious. He is tall, lanky, and has a high pitched voice. He is a little slow. I laugh every time I see him.

My president hasn't said any thing to me about changes or anything like that. My zone leader was trying to tell me that I am going to be a district leader in the next 1 or 2 changes. The zone leaders tell the ap´s who works hard and who doesn't and the ap´s tell pres., so it could happen. But as far as changes, I will just have to wait and see.

You asked for a longer letter, I feel like this one is a little longer.

oh a had my first string of jokes the other day. Saturday night we have ward council and I had everyone laughing their heads off. So I would say my Spanish is coming along pretty well.

About Stevens home coming and mine in the future (we had a boy return from his mission in France last week. I wrote and told Kyle how much he had changed and matured. I told Kyle I was excited for when he came home and had the same kind of growth and change). I will mature spiritually during this mission and stuff, but I am always going to be a mischievous little boy. That's never going to change, I will always joke and screw around. Look at my father. He and I are the same. He blows bubbles with his mouth while he is teaching the young women. That was funny dad.

Well I am not coming home for a while so you will have to do with out me. Hopefully Travis can fill my shoes and make them bigger.

Well have a good week. Dad be safe while traveling (Steve is headed to Malaysia for a couple of weeks).
Love the family,
Elder Bloomfield