Monday, August 30, 2010

Things are Awesome!! 28 August 2010

Well things like usual were really crazy this week. Alright lets start with Sunday of last week, we had 14 investigators in church. It's super crazy how every thing is going because we work for like 3 to 4 hours in the field every day. We don't have much time, but we are killing it and should have a ton of baptisms this change. These days I am finding people just have the weirdest doubts and problems, like one lady past a ton of time and didn't want to get baptized but when we sat down to talk and figure out why, she said it was because she has always had the dream to learn how to be a belly dancer and if she got baptized she wouldn't be able to do that. Also this other girl stalled for like 3 weeks and didn't get baptized cause she wanted to get baptized in a river and not in a font. It's crazy if the investigators talk the whole lesson and us as missionaries just talk a little it is just far better,the spirit is so strong and we can figure out what peoples problems are much faster. That is what I have been learning about teaching these days. oh

On Sunday night we went to the Mission Presidents house to eat dinner. It was fun. I played the guitar for him it was kinda awkward, but cool.

Staying in the office is awesome. The mission finance secretary, the 2 Asst. to the Presidents, the secretary that is training me a sick kid and me all live together in this huge 2 story house that has one shower with warm water. Woo Hoo!!!!! And it has air conditioning in the room that we sleep. We don't have any people that make us food so we just eat out all the time. In other words I am going to get fat real fast here. But its fun.

Wednesday morning at 5:00am we got up to go play soccer. It was a lot of fun but I have really bad news. My soccer shoes soles fell off so I am going to take them to a guy to see if he can sew them back together or glue or magic or something. If he can't I will have to buy new soccer shoes. Sorry.

Oh other news here in the mission, we have 2 cars, a truck and a small suv. The small suv is a manual. I am one of 3 people in the whole mission who have permission from the Pres. to drive a car. It is crazy driving here. It's like driving in Malaysia or basically like I am driving in the formula one race, plus the streets are just straight crap. It is really sucky, oh well.

So on an average day, we get to the office at 8am and work here till 5:00pm then we go to work in the field. It is pretty different from what we did before.

Well I think that is all. Things here are awesome!!!!
Love, Elder Bloomfield

Elder Mendez is in the white next to Kyle, he is doing the baptizing. He is the AP from Costa Rica and Elder Sanders on the right is the AP from Calif.. Not sure who the two elders in front are, or who is getting baptized.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow!!! Mission Secretary 21 August 2010

Just so you know I now have p-days on Saturdays so you should probably change the day that you write me. Changes were sweet, I am now the secretary of the mission, so I work in the office. Right now there is another secretary so he is training me to become the new secretary next change. Um lets see what else. Oh I don't really have a comp., but for teaching in the field I teach with the Asst. to the President, Elder Sanders, the one you talked to on the phone once and also with Elder Mendez the other secretary. It is sweet, I have a lot of new work to do and learn now. Also I don't get to work out in the field as much so that is kinda a bummer. But over all it is fun. So my p day is Saturday for the next 6 months or so (just so you know when to write me).

Well every thing here is great. I hope to hear from you soon. Tell every one hello.

Love you
Elder Bloomfield
ps. Dad how was wake boarding this week?

Sweet Blessings 16 August 2010

Kyle and his companion, Taylor Whatcott chillin in a hammock

Alright so super sweet blessing this week.

Wednesday it was looking like we weren't going to have any baptisms this weekend, so we decided to interview a couple people and just see what the zone leaders thought, but Wednesday we got a phone call of a reference of a family that went to the church in Guatemala and wanted to keep going to the church. It was only a mother and her daughter that had been to church but there are 10 other kids and some have husbands. We went to the house on Thursday afternoon and we put a baptismal date for Saturday. Friday they had there interviews and Saturday they were baptized and Sunday they were confirmed. Also we baptized this guy that calls me Chuck Norris he is the brother of the black family that was baptized.

We had some super sweet blessings. As far as retention there are 35 recent converts that are in our area and so far in this month 25 of them have been to church so its alright. As a mission we have like 67 percent retention, so we have a lot of more work to do.

It is going to be sad leaving my area after 7 months but I am pumped to move on. It will be interesting to see what happens. I think I am in for a surprise on Wednesday, but who knows they are just rumors.

Sounds like things are going good back home. It is crazy to think Travis is a Junior and also I am old, I am almost 20. That is so sad to think about. Growing up sucks.

I think that is all. Oh I pulled 75 dollars out of my account. Sorry I needed money for the baptism and gifts and stuff for peeps.

Well love you and have fun back home.
11 months today - woo hoo
only 14 more.
Love, Elder Bloomfield

Home of one of the families with several children that Kyle taught and baptized.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Week 9 August 2010

This week was pretty nuts. I will start with yesterday. We had every thing planned out to have a sweet baptism of 8 people this week end, but every thing that you could imagine bad happened. Here are some of the things that happened. One of the guys was drunk, the others didn't come to church and the others couldn't get permission from their parents. I think for my first time ever, we only had one investigator in church on Sunday. It was pretty frustrating. now I don't know if we will baptize any body this weekend. We will see what happens.

This next week is the last week of the change or transfers. I think finally I will be able to leave the area but we will see. I have been here since February and can see my first area from here, so I am ready for a change. Any thing could happen, so I guess we will wait and see.

I am also kinda sad to be leaving. This change has been a ton of fun and real rewarding with my companion, good old Elder Whatcott. He is such a great guy and is doing so well.

I was thinking, Kara goes home really soon, that's nuts. It's just around the corner. It's crazy, it seems like I just left and like I am going home soon also (in another year and 2 months).

The 3 musketeers are all over the world now. I am in Nicaragua, Zach is in New Zealand and Mo is now in Ghana. Pretty crazy huh, but Mo only gets 4 months. Kind of a bummer for him.

I am not sure what else to talk about. I think that is all. Oh I might shave my head today with a 2 on the whole thing but I am not sure. Last time I cut it, it was like a 3 on top and a 2 on the sides. Don't worry I can't wait to grow it out when I get home. Then I will do sweet new Nica hair dos.

Well thanks for every thing have a good week.
Love, Elder Bloomfield

Getting even shorter emails 2 August 2010

This week every morning I had meetings with the the new President of the mission, Pres. Arredondo. It was for the zone leaders and district leaders (Kyle is now a district leader) from 8 to 12 every day. It was awesome. I was able to learn so much. It was super spiritual and it was fun to be there. If we can do now what we were taught, this mission will just fly off the charts.

Well I don't know what to say.
So I will talk to you next week.
Love you!

Short and Sweet (not much going on as he is sick) 26 July 2010

I am just hanging out here. It is super hot partially from the sun and partially the cold / fever I have. Don't worry not a big deal life goes on. Well I have been learning a ton these days with my kid (that is what they call a new missionary that is being trained). It's crazy how we can learn so much in just a week.
I don't know what all to write this week. I am doing great, the mission is doing great. In fact, this next week we have a 4 days of classes. All the leaders of the mission will be having a conference. It will be a long time to sit and talk, but I always leaved so spiritually pumped, so it is worth it.

Well sorry, but I think that is all I have for right now.

Oh and changes are in 3 weeks and if the intuitions I have are true, I will be happy in my next area, but we will see.

Love you and keep safe,
Elder Bloomfield

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The curse of the Parasite! 20 July 2010

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, it was a holiday here in Nicaragua, so every thing was closed. It was good old Presidents day here. Every body was just running around like a bunch of crazies.

Let's see, oh I have a secret but you can't tell (I think that is so I don't tell his Mom). This week Elder Whatcott got a parasite so we didn't work much. He went to the bathroom with diarrhea over 60 times. We didn't leave the house to work for like 3 days. It was pretty bad, but now he won't eat anything because he is scared of getting another parasite. He is down like 20 pounds, but I am still rocking super healthy.

We had interviews with the new president on Friday also. They went really well. He asked how much time I have in my area. When I told him, he was like "wow that is a ton of time in one area". I said "I know tell me about it!!!" Then he asked how many I had baptized in that area and again he was like "wow that is a ton of people to baptize."

This past Saturday we finally were able to baptize the kid that was gay. He has changed a ton and we had to go through so much work to get to be able to do that. He had an interview with the new mission president and it was his first interview ever. It was pretty funny. I handed him the paper we have to fill out with every baptism and he just looked at it and was like why did you give me this. I had to explain to him all about the paper. It was funny, but now he knows.

Well changes are coming in 4 weeks, I can't wait to see where I go. I am so ready to leave this area. I am trying to leave with a bang and baptize a ton the last Saturday I am here. We will see how it goes.

Elder Bloomfield

No baptisms this week 12 July 2010

Well, this week was kinda sad. It was the first week in like 6 weeks not to baptize. It was really kinda weird. I didn't know what to do on Saturday with out a baptism. We have some this weekend.

Elder Whatcott and I are doing great. We are starting to have lots of success and he is getting pretty comfortable speaking to the people. He is a funny kid.

Sounds like you are having a ton of fun back home. You get to learn of the sacrifices of the members of the olden times and I get to give sacrifice with all the members today. In the MTC we would watch the Joseph Smith movie every other Sunday and watching it always brought tears to my eyes. Don't worry Mason, I didn't cry. You know that your big bro doesn't cry.

Sorry I don't write much these days, every thing seems the same to me every week. Time is just flying. It seems like nothing has happened since the last time I wrote you. The same amazing miracles happen week after week. Don't worry, just because I don't write much it doesn't mean any thing is wrong with me. I am just not a fan of writing. You know that mom.

New bed cover

I haven't gotten any letters or packages for like 4 weeks due to the splitting of the mission and the changing of offices. There has been issues, but don't worry one day I will get them.

Well I am still having a ton of fun and enjoy my mission like no other.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

Happy she made the right decision!! 5 July 2010

Elder Bloomfield (Kyle), not sure who the middle Elder is and Elder Francis.

Well it was a pretty eventful week. Every thing went real well, we had a couple of super cool spiritual experiences and others that weren't so spiritual. But every thing is alright.

One pretty funny spiritual experience was our baptism this week end. It was a family of 4 (a mom and her 3 kids). One of the daughters had gone to a church her whole life so she had little doubts about baptism. She loved the church and loved all the teachings. All week she was back and forth saying, "I will get baptized, or I won't get baptized, I will get baptized, I won't get baptized." She was just super undecided. when we went to pick them up from the house, the girl was like, "no I am not going to the church, I have to watch the house and stuff like that." She kept giving common excuses that she had to watch over the crappy tin house. We convinced her other wise that she could come to the church to watch the baptism, of her mom and brothers and sisters. After a little while she was like ok I will go just to watch. So we got her there and we were waiting for some other people to show up and while she was sitting there waiting every body passed by and congratulated her on her baptism and stuff like that. She would give us the meanest faces, it was really funny. When we were giving the rest of her family their baptismal clothes we convinced her to put some clothes on also and get baptized. So she put on the clothes and went into the the baptismal meeting. Baptismal meetings for the most part are opening prayer, hymn, talk, testimony, baptisms and then sing while they are changing their clothes, then welcome from a member, then song and prayer. Nothing luxury. Just saving souls. When it was this girls turn to get baptized she just sat at the door and was like "the door is holding me, it won't let me past" and stuff like that. It was funny. So I gave her my hand and helped her into the font. When I was showing her how to do it, she was saying "I don't want to, I don't want to," so I just said the prayer and dunked her before she could change her mind. After the baptismal meeting she was like, "well I came to the church thinking I wasn't going to get baptized, but I got baptized, and I am pretty happy I did it. Sunday she was the first person to the church. She had to wait out side because it was still locked. so that is my story of one of the things that happened this week.

Things with Elder Whatcott are awesome. We have so much fun. Having a gringo comp. is so much different then having a Latino.

I haven't met my new Mission Pres. yet, but I should meet him this week because we have a kid that needs an interview with him. He has been waiting for his interview for like 2 weeks so he is getting a little frustrated with us.

Another baptism from the week before of a young girl.

I will keep working hard here and stay safe so don't worry about me. I don't think I have any thing else to say so peace out.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

July 1st, President Carlos F. Arredondo became the New Mission President of the Nicaragua Managua North Mission as it was divided from the Nicaragua Managua Mission. Here is a picture of he and is wife and a little information about them from the church news:

Lorena and Carlos F. Arredondo

Carlos Francisco Arredondo, 52 and Ruth Lorena Laparra Veliz Arredondo (five children) are from the Acatan Ward, in Gualemala City Palmita Stake. Pres. Arredondo serves as a public affairs director and is a former stake President and counselor, bishop, and missionary in the El Salvador San Salvador Mission. Materials management manager for the Church. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to Victor Manuel Arredondo and Graciela Elizabeth Castro de Arredondo.

Sister Arredondo serves as a ward Young Women president and is a former ward Relief Society and Primary president and ward Sunday school teacher. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to Gilberto Antonio Laparra Martinez and Amanda de Jesus Veliz Laparra.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Greenie" Companion 21 June 2010

Alright so as you said the Lord has a sense of humor. You will find it funny that my new comp. is Elder Whatcott one of my old first grade friends from Gilbert, Arizona. He completed one week in Nicaragua today. I am his trainer, his "dad" as they say in the mission. It is awesome working with him, they (new elders) have such a different outlook on the mission when they come out of the mtc. It is sweet! We are going to do a ton of good work. Kinda sucks he doesn't know much Spanish yet, but my Spanish rocks so not a big deal. We are going to do some sweet stuff this change. It's so different having a comp that wants to work compared to my last comp.. I witnessed about 3 miracles just yesterday. I can't wait to see how the change ends.

New companion Elder Whatcott with the 2 girls that were baptized.

Family of the girls that were baptized.

I am also the new District Leader of the most successful district in the mission so that is real sweet. We are going to have a sweet 8 more weeks. I am super pumped right now. As for my health, it is perfect so don't worry about me.

Well I don't know what else to write. We had 2 more baptisms, and we have a going away devotional for Pres tomorrow. I am sweating a ton right now. It's so hot. Oh yes, I am still in the same area. Just so you know, when this change ends I will have been here 7 months.

Well I love you and miss you,

Good luck with every thing.
Elder Bloomfield

Lesson learned: Sacrificing and not watching the World Cup Soccer brings blessings! 14 June 2010

Well this week went pretty well. I bought a new phone for about 10 bucks . Stuff here at the market is really cheap.

Alright so lets see. I don't really remember this last week it went by so fast. We had one baptism.

Super sad the world cup started and that is all that is on tv, but I can't watch it. Well I could if I wanted but I decided with sacrifices come blessings so, about a month and a half ago I made a covenant with the Lord that I wouldn't watch a single soccer game for my whole mission if he would just bless me with people to baptize. To be specific I asked for 2 people every weekend, and since then I have baptized about 2 people every weekend so clearly the Lord listens to our prayers but it is hard not to watch soccer. At lunch every day there is a game that is on and oh boy it is rough. The usa - england game was on and I will be honest I didn't look at the tv once. But don't worry I have a little paper in my agenda to keep track of who is playing who and the scores.

Well today was the last p-day before changes so another elder and I went to the store and bought stuff to by hamburgers and potatoes to make french fries. Lets just say we were cooking from like 11 till 4. Hamburgers for basically all of the zone and about 20 pounds of french fries. It was a ton. Also an elder and I made a hotel California music video as I played and sang it on guitar it was a real fun day.

Well I am super pumped for changes Wed., it is going to be nice to get a new comp.

Have a fun day.

Love you, Elder Bloomfield

Robbed for the first time!!! Yikes!!!! and p-day at Mombacho Volcano 7 June 2010

What a pretty successful week!!!

Let's start off with Monday night. I was robbed for the first time. We were walking through this huge field that has about knee high grass at about 9 at night. The only light that there was, was the light of the moon so we couldn't see much. As we were walking 4 guys jumped out of the grass and put a knife to the neck of my comp and put a knife to my stomach and put their hands in my pocket and took all the money I had. All I had was 10 cents, so sucks for them but they also stole the cell phone, then they left. It made me really mad because they were all really little and I could have done something to them if I wanted, but I decided against it. The next day we went back there because we have investigators there in the area. The 4 little guys were still sitting right there. oh boy i..... putchika I didn't do any thing . Any ways just so you know I have to buy a new cell phone.

Lets see what else, oh I had to put a new hole in my belt this week not a new whole to be bigger a new whole to make the belt smaller. That is how my health is going - skinny but I am so weak it sucks. I want to run and go to the gym so bad.

Another highlight of the week. We convinced a gay that he should change his life and stop being gay. That was pretty cool, we just talked about the atonement and about repentance and he was like "I don't want to be how I was before".

We have 2 kids that we are going to baptize right now that want to go on missions and are of age. That is awesome! it will be super cool to send two converts on missions but they have to be members for at least one year.

Oh today we went to the biggest volcano in Central America it was super cool the assistants of the Pres. took us and 3 other companionship's because we baptized the most families in the month of May. It was pretty cool. A good privilege to earn. It is called Mombacho if you want to look it up on the Internet.

Um oh also I cooked a cake Saturday for the baptism of my district leader it was really good and look professional.

well good luck with summer make sure and take a good rest because I don't have any time to rest until I get home in 2011.

I can't believe it is June!

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

621 Baptisms for the mission in the month of May 31 May 2010

Well news of the mission first: We baptized 621 people this month and 105 families. My zone, Bello Horizonte baptized 15 families and 60 people. I baptized 12 people and 3 families this month. This week was super crazy. So Thursday we did the interviews for our baptisms. Every thing went well, all three passed, then Friday was the huge wedding party. We got together at the church at 7 in the morning to start setting up. It was really beautiful. At 5 we went back to the church for the wedding, it was really hectic because we were marrying 9 couples and they all had to talk with the lawyer and give the information she needed but no one was doing that so I took charge and made sure every one had every thing done with the lawyer. We finished the weddings, the Pres. of the mission came and talked to us and came to the weddings. It was real cool. After the weddings, we had a dance, dinner and a cake prepared for them. Every thing finished off well but the church was trashed.
So Saturday we went to the church again at 7am to clean up the mess and set up for the baptisms. Then we left to teach a couple people and get our families ready to come back to the church. They got to the church at about 5pm. I gave them white clothes to do the baptism and helped every other of the 22 people that was baptized have clothes also. Any ways the baptisms turned out great we left the church at about 8:30.

During the day we had passed by a guy that needed financial help. He lives in Bluefields and wants to take his sisters body to Bluefields from here, but his sister is in a coma. She is only alive with a breathing machine that she is connected to. To see if this guy's story was true, we went to the hospital to see his sister and give her a blessing. She is in really bad condition and as missionaries we can't just give away money, so we are kinda trying to find a way to get him back to his home with her. It is hard as we don't have time to do this kind of stuff. We can't help much, so I feel bad.

Sunday we went and got the people and brought them to church for their confirmation. While I was in sacrament meeting I felt like I needed to go out, so I left the chapel and was walking down the hall and another elder that was out getting ready for some baptisms needed some help, so I helped him out and when I finished that, sacrament meeting was over so I was walking to find my comp when another missionary asked me for some help and he needed me to come with him. We had to go to these girls house and talk to their mom so that we could baptize them that day before their sacrament meeting ended at 11 because we had to confirm them also. So me and this other elder ran to the house where these girls lived like 20 min away from the church and they weren't there but their mom was so we talked to the mom for about 10 mins. explaining the situation that her kids want to get baptized and would she approve of that. By this time it was 10:20 so we ran back to the church found the girls that were already there, the district leader interviewed them and I baptized them. It was a 14 year old girl, a 10 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. Since we had a ton of baptisms the day before, there was only white shirts and dresses left so the boy had to wear a dress to get baptized. We got them changed and into sacrament meeting to get confirmed at about 10:59. So that is basically how my mission is. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So really I baptized 15 this month. Pretty cool!

love you fam and mom and steveo

25 May 2010 "Reaping the benefits of long hours and hard work"

I was a witness for one of our marriages because no one else in this country has an ID. It is terrible. You have to spend so much money and time to get an ID here. A ton of people don't have ID's or birth certificates, let alone know their own birthday. It's rough here.

Yeah Elder Sanders (Last week Kyle needed his passport number (His passport is locked away at the mission office so they do not get stolen) so that he could be a witness as mentioned above to a wedding. I called the mission home in Nicaragua to have the Elders there pass it on to him. When I told them I was Kyle's Mom, Elder Sanders said "oh he is an awesome Elder, he is the talk of the mission right now as he just taught and baptized a family of 7. He is really doing great things down here". I mentioned to Kyle I had talked to Elder Sanders in my email, so that is why he is talking about him) is awesome.

We went on divisions Sunday morning to get people to church because supposedly Elder Clark the Area Seventy here was going to come to our ward, but he didn't come till 10:00, so he spoke in the other ward meeting. Kinda sucked but oh well.

So Tito (he is the 68 year old man that had the house keeper that Kyle went all oer town looking for to see if she wanted to marry Tito. He did find her, but she did not want anything to do with them and does not want to marry Tito, so Tito has agreed that nothing else will go on between them. When we talked to Kyle on Mother's Day, he said that he has really gotten to love Tito and they have a lot of fun together) didn't get baptized due to the fact that he had to work this weekend. He doesn't get much work so when he gets work he has to utilize what he can. We talked a lot with him last night and he is pumped to get baptized this next week end. Also we are baptizing 2 more families Saturday and we are going to end the month with 13 baptisms. That is really amazing. I baptized about a third of my baptisms in one month. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year turns out.

It makes me so sad every day to see the the little kids in the street with out a Dad or with out a Mom or with nothing. I read in doctrina y convenios section 18 verses 15 and 16 and if we can help some one, just one person come closer to God it will be all the better for every one.

Yeah, I need to sleep. I don't even realize when my alarm goes off any more. It goes of at 5am (from the first part of May, they decided as a mission to get up at 5:00am and get going earlier to find people that are up and about earlier each day) and while I am sleeping I turn it off and usually about 5 mins later, I roll over on top of my alarm and I always wonder how it got in my bed. But we are reaping the benefits.

Well I think that is all for now.

Elder Bloomfield

3 May 2010 Family of 7 is baptized

So lets go through this week. Wed. we went to talk to the family of 7 that has been having the lessons and do their interviews for their baptisms. Every one knew about the baptism minus the mother of the family because she was always working and was never at the house, so when she got home at 9 o'clock and the zone leaders were there doing baptism interviews, she was pretty surprised. Also we had to convince her that she had to get married. It was pretty funny. We left their house and finished the interviews around 11 o'clock and started heading to the house while it was pouring rain. We had to run and fight off about 10 dogs from eating us. It was an awesome day.

Thursday we just planned the baptisms, worked and had interviews. They went alright. The mission working us super hard right now and is making sure every one has repented before the new Pres comes. He put a goal as zone to baptize 100 people, 10 personas every companionship. Luckily, we already have 7 in the month of May, so 3 more to go.

Friday we did a lot of running around and a lot of planning. Nothing exciting really happened.

Saturday was the day of the baptisms. It rained all day long so we were soaking wet when we finally made it to the church. We got them a cake, paid for their wedding and told them that we would make dinner. We bought all the stuff and were making dinner when they told us that friends of the family made dinner for a surprise party after the wedding and the baptisms, so as missionaries we had a lil party and hung out and ate the spaghetti. It was sweet.

Sunday they were all confirmed. It was a success.

More then any thing I am just amazed with the faith of this family. They payed tithing for the first time the day they were confirmed and we have never formally taught them the law of tithing. It was amazing! Oh also, all the members were congratulating us on Sunday for the baptisms of the family of 7 because that has never been done in this branch and the Branch Pres. invited us to dinner at his house tonight.

The mission right now is going nuts. We are all working like crazy and Pres. is pushing us more than ever, it's great. Changes are Wed. but I don't know what is going to happen until changes. I don't want to go as we have a ton of baptisms lined up right now.

The weather these days - it is pretty much lightning and thunder 24/7 and when it rains it just pours. Yesterday the street was like a knee deep river, it sucked, we had to walk through it, but don't worry my boots are amazing.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

25 April 2010 " The search for the investigators woman"

Well this week went crazy. Last week our mission Pres. made new rules for us. 5 nuevo investigators and 4 nuevo people with baptismal dates. The week started out doing that. We were working super hard and trying to get all the work done and we had a guy that had a date to get baptized this weekend. He had his interview Thursday and he finally broke out and told us he has a woman that comes over on Sundays and cleans cooks and does things. Finally he said she has a kid with me that is 5 years old. Keep in mind this guy is 70 years old. So we left and went home. Friday night about 7 we went and talked to him again asking him what he wanted to do, either get married or break up with her and get baptized. He didn't know what to do, he kept telling us both answers. So we asked for the address of the woman and we would go talk to her for him. He didn't know the address so he drew us a map. At 8pm, me and the district leader went on a trip to find this lady because she didn't live in my area. We put our backpacks in the church cause we didn't want to get robbed and then went out on this adventure. We searched every where for her. Every where! It was finally around 11:30 and he headed back to the house to sleep. We got up at 6 on Saturday and continued our search for this lady. We couldn't find her so we went and looked for the old guy that wants to get baptized. We found him and talked to him and he told us that we could go talk to her at her house all together. So we left and went back at 12 he wasn't there. We went to teach a family near by and then we planned to go back, but while we were teaching the family the zone leaders called us and told us to run some errands for them and they needed our help in there area pronto. So we ran the errands and ran to the area of the zone leaders. We went there and helped with their baptism. They baptized a lady that had only one leg. By the time we got back to my area it was 9:30pm and we hadn't eaten so we ran to the house where we eat and ate and got back to the house around 11:00pm after finally doing numbers we were in bed at 1130. Sunday started bright and early at 5:00am. We have to get up that early to visit people and take them to the church. We did the rounds and the rest of Sunday went normal. On Friday and Saturday while I was on divisions with the zone and district leader my comp was in the area on his own adventures searching for a family that has been to church the last to weeks but we couldn't find their house to teach them. He found them and there are about 7 of them that are going to get baptized this week.

I am super tired. but it doesn't stop there. So today (Monday) at 9 we got a call that we have a zone meeting in downtown Managua with out Mission Pres.. Apparently some body in the mission was disobedient so he had a long meeting from 10 till 3 about repenting and being obedient. Also the mission Pres. announced that he doesn't trust any one so there are no zone leaders or district leaders any more. We have to report our numbers to the assistants to the president. It has been a crazy last couple of days and it is just going to keep getting crazier for the next couple of months.

I am so tired right now, all I want to do is sleep but there is so much work to be done. Time here is just flying by. My Pres. goes home in 8 weeks and a new one comes. I have interviews with Pres again Wed.. Well got to go, out of time.
love you.

Well thanks for everything.
Elder Bloomfield

19 April 2010 "A Mission is lifes MTC"

So this week went by pretty normal, we had a sweet birthday party for one of our investigators and they said they will have a surprise for us today so we are going to find out what that is today.

We had 7 investigators at church Sunday it was pretty cool. There is a family from Bluefields that was there. After church he was like that was magnificent, I am going to come again next week.

It rained for the first time here Sunday and by rain I mean it poured. We had to walk from our house to where we eat and we were soaked because it is a 30 min walk. Then we were cold and shivering. it was no fun.

Yeah so this sending picture thing is really difficult but I am going to tell a story while I wait for it (he tried to email us some pictures, but I never got them). So President Martino from the seventy came a while back and he asked the question why do we send missionaries on missions if every one is going to have the opportunity to hear the gospel in this life or the next? He told us we come on missions to convert ourselves, not to convert other people. He said the mtc is training for the mission and the mission is like the mtc of your life. The mission is the training for the rest of your life. The stuff you will learn during the mission and the testimony of Jesus Christ that you grow is far more beneficial for you then for the people you convert.

Well I think that is it. I am not a fan of this emailing thing.
Elder Bloomfield.
Don't get me wrong, I love reading emails, but I hate writing them.