Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 September 2011 No real Birthday celebration

Well to answer your questions about the robbery,  "Did they take our furniture"?  That is a funny question because to steal furniture you have to have furniture to steal and we only have 2 chairs, 2 tiny tables and 2 mattresses on cots and that is our furniture.  They did take one fan.  As for clothes they took our normal clothes but they didn't take my missionary clothes.  Yes, they took my guitar.   Also they took  my deodorant, what kind of sick freak steals used deodorant.  That is what I am wondering.  We had bags of refried beans and they took all of those also.  We have no idea who took our stuff and we will probably never figure out who did it.  As for me I just lost the food I had in the house, 2 USB memories, sandals, gel, bag, shirt, shorts, one or 2 ties, sunglasses, and I think that is about it. I am going to burn all my garments when I come home cause I have been using the same garments for 2 years now and they aren't white at all any more. I don't know what kind of drugs they were on but its all good.  I go home in 5 weeks and don't need that stuff any ways.  I don't think I will be needing any more money.  I should be good.

To be honest, no I didn't celebrate my birthday.  But the lady we baptized and a young woman that gave us the reference of the girl that we baptized also gave me a tie. So I have 2 new ties.  It's kinda funny cause I gave some ties away and they gave me new ones.  We cooked a cake for the wedding so I was able to eat cake but it wasn't really for me.  It was for the wedding and baptism.  That is about it for my birthday.  .

As for my future it is looking like I will be going to UVU, but we will not know until I go to the temple when I get home and then we will know every thing for sure.  The AP and Elder Lundquist want to live with me at UVU so we will see what happens with that.

I am so excited for General Conference again.  It is only 3 weeks away.  It will be here so soon.  These next 5 weeks are going to pass so fast.  I am worried to go  home.  For 2 years you wait for this moment and it finally gets here and you don't want it to be here.  I am not excited for my last days of the mission.  I am going to be a mess.  I will cry like a child.  Just thinking about it makes me sad but that's part of life.  Yeah it is weird being in the mission, you are ready to move on but at the same time you want to stay and be a missionary forever.  It will be good to move on with my life and take the next step.  I am excited for that.  It will also be sad to see what my friends have done with there life's when I get home.  It will probably hurt to see every one and the kind of lives they are living (partying etc) when I get home.   I kinda don't want any one to know that I am home when I get there.

Whow  whow, we are not selling the house in Austin if Dad gets a job some place else. Can't you realize I am a child without a home.  I am going to need a  home somewhere and the place is what you make it.  You think Nicaragua is any better then hell....  I don't but,  it is my little piece of heaven. 

Did you look into things about a apple mac book pro computer??

To answer your other question, it is crazy to think that I am actually 21 years old.  The last time I thought about it, I was just a little boy enjoying my life but putchika now I guess I am a full grown man.  That is pretty crazy to me. 

The work is coming along great we have 4 familias already baptized this month in the zone and it is looking like we should get around 12 this month.  We are hoping to baptize another family in our area but things aren't looking to good at the moment.  We don't really have any familias unless we can find a miracle in the next 3 weeks which is totally possible.

Well Elder Lundquist just called me and his flight plans say he is going home on the 12th of October so I won't even be able to fly with him.  That is a huge bummer. 

The car is looking good these days. I heard Travis backed the Denali into the Frontier what a tard.  I don't know how that is possible either.  It has a camera and sensors and every thing he is a true champion to be able to pull that one off.

Well have a great week.

Mom,  I love you!

Elder Bloomfield

5 September 2011 Itinerary for Travel Home

     ETKT:AA/001 8709160360
CHURCH TRAVEL CWT                          DATE 05SEPTEMBER11
TELEPHONE: 801 240-5111                    BLOOMFIELD/KYLE STE 170645-R
FAX      : 801-240-5115
SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
AMERICAN AIRLINES     13OCT MANAGUA        MIAMI FL       720A    1155A
           NON SMOKING      FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         2:35 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 737-800
                            SEAT 24A NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
           NON SMOKING      FOOD FOR PURCHASE             NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         3:05 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 757
                            SEAT 31F NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
           NON SMOKING                                    NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         0:55 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING (DOUGLAS) MD-83
                            SEAT 27E NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
PH 011 505 2278 6740 OFFICE/ 2271 1381 HOME

2 September 2011 I've been robbed again!! but the Batman pillowcase is still safe!!!

I know I do not normally email except on Mondays, but we have had an emergency and we needed to email.  My comp., Elder Bott has to write his mom about a package right now, so I figured I will tell you what is going on as well too.  We just baptized a family right now and we are getting ready to baptize in our area tomorrow.  Satan is pissed (sorry for the word)  he is real angry cause we are doing so good.  He convinced some fools to break into our house and rob a ton of stuff while we were at the church doing the baptism.  They took the giant concrete sink from the backyard and threw it through the door.  It probably weighs like 300 pounds, so it took off the door pretty good.  I don't have much any more.  They took most of my belongings.  Luckily they left my hard drive and all my important stuff is in Managua so I don't have to  worry about that. I just wanted  to worn you when I am in the airport with a pillow case over my shoulder and that is all I have, that's why.  

I think my flight plans are in. I was thinking if I have a lay over in Houston then I will just stay there and you can pick me up there and we go to the temple and then you drive me home.  I will send you my itinerary Monday or when I get it.
Don't worry about me.  The Batman pillow case is still fine, so we are all good.  

Elder Bloomfield

29 August 2012 Another week came and went

Well lets see what is happening.  For p- days we don't do any thing fun.  We don't go sight seeing and we don't do any thing of the sort.  We have a couple minutes right now to check our email then we are going to go try to make pizza with a family that we baptized.  As for families I will be eating cake on my birthday because my birthday happens to be on Saturday and Saturday is baptism day.                                                    I baptized a family today and yes it is p-day but Saturday we are going to have a wedding and a baptism for a sick family.  I will be baking a cake as well as hopefully eating some. 

So this week was real interesting.  Thursday we had a testimony meeting with the zone and it was way spiritual.  After words, we joked with one of the elders in the zone cause he was the only one to not baptize a family.  It was way funny cause he is the kind of kid that if you look and talk and hang out with him you are like this kid is a full on flamer.  (gay)  It was way funny, he is one of my District Leaders and an amazing missionary,  he is just a little femy but I love the kid and he is one of the best missionary's in the zone.  On Friday I got up and went to lunch and came home and went to bed and didn't get up until Sunday morning to go to church.  That was interesting.  I had a 103.3 fever for a while and the runs and threw up also, but I am fine now.  Nothing a blessing from the priesthood couldn't solve. 

Sunday we took a bunch of people to church, then we went to a meeting with all the leaders in the stake and we gave a report of what all the missionaries did this month.  After that, the day was over. 

As for going to the temple, I have to go some where when I get home  (Kyle says he want to go to the temple first thing when he gets home to reconcile with the Lord, but the San Antonio temple is closed for cleaning when he gets home, so the nearest temple would be Houston).  I still want to go alone so we will see how things all go when I get home. 

 Also, great news from Elder Sanders. Saturday he is going to propose to his girl, so he is doing good work.                                                            That was done in less then a year.  That's what I am looking for also. 

Alright spiritual experiencia of the week-- was with the family we are going to baptize this week.  He is a                                                           member but less active and she is not a member but a solid investigator.  The guy has just been a real pain in the butt these last couple of weeks just saying he wants nothing to do with the church and that he doesn't want to get married and stuff like that.  We have been teaching him and making progress but little by little and this last week we had a sweet lesson and he was like I had a dream of me marrying my wife and we were way happy and in my dream our life was just great so I have decided the Lord wants me to have a change in my life.  So now he is awesome and showed up to church on time with a white shirt and tie.  He                                                   had a meeting with the bishop to get his life on track and every thing.  It was like a 100 percent change in just one dream,  so that was the cool thing that happened this week. 

This next week will be busy.  We are looking at baptizing 7 familias as a zone as well as have changes and all the problems that come with changes. 

Well -
Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

P.S.  Can I give a suggestion of a present for my birthday?
I was thinking tickets to Michael Jackson would  be great.   If Dad gets a job we get tickets to Mike, if he doesn't, we don't, ok sound good?
Also,  I recall I was promised a laptop when I got home.  That is the only thing I am asking for.  The rest I will get for my self  but the laptop.  I do not want a crappy dell.  I am sick and tired of crappy computers- 2 years of it is enough.  An apple would be great.  I am a ZL.  My job is to talk to all the missionaries and make sure they are happy. While talking to them, we talk about other things as well.  It turns out most of them are computer geeks.  Seems like the whole world are computer geeks and they tell me all this stuff about which ones are good and what to get.  Just check them out and thanks for looking in to it.  Your the best mom ever.

23 August 2011 Doing "Sick" Work

As for me in the mission it is going great!  We baptized 2 more people this weekend and as a zone we baptized 5 families this weekend so I did a ton of baptismal interviews.  As for the month of Agosto we were the highest baptizing zone behind Puerto.  We baptized 9 familias in total and last month they only baptized 4 so elder Bott and I helped pull the zone out of a big hole.  I am way excited for this next month to just finish my mission doing sick work with the zone. 

All the ZL's had changes yesterday except for me.  I will be in my area with Elder Bott until I finish my mission so we are just buckling our seat belts and getting to work. 

As for souvenirs I haven't bought many,  but I am working on that.   I have like 4000 cordobas to get what ever I am going to need.   My last day here they will take me to a place to buy souvenirs so I will be able to get some cool ones before going home. 

For my flight plans,  I haven't heard any thing.  They say that they don't know yet but when I get them,  I will let you know.  Uhm - what else is there to talk about?  

How are all the little kids doing with a new school year?  Are they doing good?? 

Well I think that is all for this week.   Tell Kara "hey" for me.

Elder Bloomfield

16 August 2011 Hitch Hiking

Ha Ha,   I find it funny that I didn't have any emails asking whats wrong or why I hadn't written (We did not get an email from him on Monday as usual, but I have learned by now to just wait it out and not panic that he always has a reason and it is not worth stressing over as he is in the Lord's hands).  Well, I will tell you why I didn't make it.   It is because I hitch hiked a ride from Leon to Managua.  I know you probably are going to say that it is dangerous but it really wasn't.  I rode in the bed of the truck for a good amount of time.  It was pretty cool.  I am fine and all is well.   We had to go to Managua because we had a consejo de lideres and we have another one Monday again. 

As far as last week, it went really well we baptized a family and we made an amazing cake.  No one believes we made it so Friday they said we have to make another one for an activity that they are going to have in the church.  This week we probably have 2 more baptisms so I am excited for that.  This area is awesome we have learned so much stuff and my comp is pretty cool.  He is a little weird at times but a great missionary so I have learned a ton with him.  I am doing great, so don't worry about me.  I will be strong to the end.

Okay,  I am all out of things to say. 

Sunday is the dedication of the El Salvador temple so we don't have our regular church.   We are just going to watch that by satellite. Everyone who watches it must have a recommend, so none of our investigators will be able to attend.  

Love you,

Elder Bloomfield

Here are some more pictures from one of my companions:

P-day fun!!

Getting cooled off

Time for lunch

Monday, October 15, 2012

8 August 2011 Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so they say

How is every thing going??  Every thing here is going great.   We have a baptism and wedding this Saturday. I am excited for that as well as we had 3 familias in church on Sunday so that was good. 

I really don't know what to say today so I will leave it at that.  I will send some photos because they say a photo is worth 1000 words.   Enjoy!!!

Love your son,

Elder Bloomfield

Colorful round about in Managua
Elder Bott Crossing a bridge

Object lesson -building a contraptions so the egg will not break

Riding in the Back of a truck holding a fridge in place.  Very Safe, Not!!!

Zone Basketball Game at the church

Nicaragua Car wash

Elder Bott and I knelling in prayer before heading out for the day

Homes made from Plastic 

Nacatamales, famous Nicaraguan food and what the missionaries eat most every Sunday.

Filling the Baptismal Font

1 August 2011 Elder Falabella is Amazing!!!!

First off moving to NEW YORK would be amazing. (Steve interviewed for a position there). I was actually thinking the other day that I should try and move there after college for a little while.  

You guys sound like you are just doing a little of every thing up there in Texas.  Seems like you guys are keeping way busy.  What little girl broke Masons heart that he had to get it checked out???  

So my week was pretty eventful, also we didn't even work in our area until Thursday cause we were doing so many things.   It was pretty sad  but turned out to be a great week so lets see, here we go:
Tuesday we had Elder Falabella come here to Chinandega to have a conference with the missionaries from Esteli,  Leon and Chinandega.  It was amazing.   I learned so much and he talked about so many things it was amazing!!!   Wednesday,  we went to Managua cause we had a leaders council with him.                                            That was super spiritual and we had a special testimony meeting there with Elder Falabella then after we prayed on our knees and Elder Falabella offered the prayer and it was a great prayer.   He is an amazing person.  It made me think being a strong member in the church has so many more                                      blessing that being a normal member has.  For example, here in the mission if you are a leader you always have more meetings and more opportunities to feel the spirit and meet people that will really help you strengthen your testimony.   It is the same out side of the mission, if you are a leader in the church you can meet people that have more knowledge and can learn so much, like the Bishops with Seventies and Presidents of Stakes and the Seventies learn from the Apostles and the Apostles from the Prophet and Prophet from God.   It is amazing, so the more converted you are the more blessing you receive helping you to be stronger in the church.  

Any ways,  yesterday we had a super spiritually lesson with one of the families we are teaching and it is so funny cause they feel the spirit and want to change but they just don't understand that the spiritual things are so much more important then the temporal things.  That is one of the problems with this country.  That is why there isn't a huge economical progress.  

Well that is enough for now.  Always work..  and remember 1 Nephi 3:7 - he will prepare a way you just have to find it.  If you notice the first plan they had didn't work to get the brass plates, the second plan of giving all the gold didn't work either, but the third plan they had worked.  So just have patience..

I will be honest I am way worried about going home,  every thing will be so much different, it will be interesting to see how things go.  So much to talk about when we get home.

Elder Bloomfield

Well lets see here is my Spanish and mission made up word interpretations of our family:

Dad - Pilas  (pilas is like a hard worker and good person)
Mom - sensible   (sensible is sensitive)
Kara - Tuanis    (tuanis is awesome)
Travis  - Salvaje   (Salvaje is Savage but it means like some one that is cool and funny and stuff like that)
Mason - soñador   (soñador is a dreamer)
Olivia - Musa    (musa is a girl that flirts a lot)
Cassandra - Guapa  (guapa is pretty but we can throw in  delicate)

27 July 2011 ZL in Chinandega with Elder Bott

Ok,  so here is the big news:  we will start of by saying I will still be ZL for this change and the next one and I am now in the Zone of Chinandega Oeste area Acome.  My comp is Elder Bott.  We both just got to this area so we are re-opening the area.  So 3 of 6 areas I re-opened, great luck I have. 

As for my house here, it is big and has nothing in it but 2 cots with mattresses on top of them and 2 tables and 2 chairs and a lot of garbage but we put all the garbage in the back yard and burned it so now the house is super clean.  Besides the bat poop that is all over the place, that is a real downer the whole bat poop  There is not a refrigerator or anything like that and a our toilet  floods the whole house.   So things are looking great as far as the house goes .  At least it is big.

I have learned there is no reason to freak out cause I can't change any thing and complaining and crying isn't going to make any thing better so I just deal with it, that is my train of thought

We eat lunch and dinner with members and breakfast is what ever we can find.  They are pretty cool and the dinner food is usually pretty good,  but I miss my food from Esteli, it was good.

As far as my flight plans, I am pretty sure the secretary already has them so I can ask him this week for them and he will give them to me.  Yeah I am for sure going to come home the 13th of October and yes it is possible that i get home at 11:30 at night so we will see.  Usually the people get home around 8 or 9, if I am lucky I can get home as early as 6 but I only saw that happen one time.  

All I know is that I am going to be real mad if my plans get messed up.  I don't make plans often so when I make plans you don't mess with them.  Like the day I get home from the mission and also Dec 4th, you don't mess with that kind of stuff they are set in stone.  How are things looking December 4th??  (Kyle has a plan to go to the temple first thing when he gets home from his mission all by himself so that he can talk with the Lord about his mission and future plans- the problem is it looks like he will not get home until 11:30pm as that is the only delta (the church uses delta) flight from Nicaragua that I found.   The stake President will not release him until the next evening if that is the case (I already checked into that).  The other problem is the Temple here in San Antonio does not open until 3:00pm on Fridays, so he can't get up first thing and go to the Temple as planned and then come home and go jet skiing.  I am afraid his plans may not work out.  His Dec. 4th plan is to meet several of his mission comps. in SLC and attend the Christmas Devotional at the conference center.  I think we can pull that one off as planned.  He is so cute as he has it all worked out)

In my opinion it would be best if you don't move to Utah because I will need an excuse to get away from Utah on occasion and Austin is a happening place.  

It seems like things are really rough for Texas with out any water, that is the worst (as you know we are in an extreme drought here.  No rain for months and it is sooooo hot besides.  The latest this week is that foundations are cracking because the ground is so dry - PRAY FOR RAIN FOR US!!!!!!!!).  I love water.  Today I stood in the back yard of my house pooring water on me for like 30 mins.  cause it is so hot.  haha We don't really have a shower so we use a bucket in the back yard, it is way refreshing.  I will take a picture and send it to you next week,  it looks like we are in a jungle bathing.  haha  Got to love the mission unfortunately all good things have to come to an end.   

Well Elder Fallabella, the Area President is coming to have a conference with us tomorrow so I am pretty excited for that.  I am sure he will teach us a ton of cool things.  

Elder Bloomfield    

Road Kill  YUCK!!!  very common sight with all the stray dogs

Looks like Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

Yummy!   Lunch is served!!

Playing Uno with investigators

A Man singing

18 July 2012 Sanyra's Baptism and more!!

Sanyra's baptism

Our Zone


Dang life has so many problems...  that's why I love the mission we are protected by angels and nothing ever happens to us.  (My email to Kyle had a list of trials going on with family members, friends and us)

Well lets talk about my week first.  Friday the baptism of Sanyra was great, she is amazing.  Oh also Friday we had an amazing lesson with one of the families that we are teaching.   We were actually just passing by to tell them that we wouldn't be able to show up at the appointment that we had set and the guy told us to come in and that he wanted to talk to us.  So he starts talking to us and started telling us about all of his life problems and how he wanted to change and how he wanted to be a better person.  The whole time we have been teaching him he has been really positive but his wife  basically didn't want any thing to do with us. In this lesson she realized that we care and love them and she started crying and telling us thanks for every thing.  To finish our visit, we knelt down to pray and it was way spiritual.  The problem is that he is in a music group and goes to Honduras every Friday till Monday,  but we will see what happens with them. 

Saturday morning, I was showering and the district president knocks on the door and asks us to open the door of the church in like 20 min for President Arredondo.  So I get ready real fast to go open the church.  We got to the church and Pres. asks us to go with him to drop his wife off at the hotel here in Esteli.  After that we went back to the church and he was planning on going out to do visits with the members but not many of them showed up, so we went to another church.  From there I went to do visits with the Branch President of the branch that is right next to ours.  It was President Arredondo, the branch President and me.  It was way fun,  I learned a ton in those 3  hours.  The rest of the day on Saturday we just visited all of the people making sure they would be to church Sunday. 

So Sunday was the day of miracles.  At 9am there was a a meeting for recent converts.  That went really well.  The chapel was full just with the recent converts.  The normal meeting started at 10.  On a normal Sunday as a district, the attendance adds up to be like 230 to 250,  this Sunday we had 324 the most the district has ever had.  There were so many people they were up sitting on the stand with the Seventy that was there and sitting on laps and every thing.  All and all it went great. 

Today we had leadership council in Managua and during leadership council Pres. called me in front of every one to thank me for my work in Esteli because we are really seeing the results of our work here.  It was nice.  He had me talk about one of the guys that we contacted while I was out teaching with him on Saturday, also the attendance at church on Sunday and the 18 men that were ordained as Melchizedek  Priesthood holders (the cool part is I interviewed a good 8 of them for their baptismal interviews) and stuff like that and I talked about the attitude of the members and missionaries here in Esteli.  Also Hermana Arredondo told me that when her husband was talking about us as missionaries having a special glow like stars and we that we just glow, she said that President was talking about me cause I just have something different about me.  Kara and I think it is just the sexy blond hair we have.  Cause we are normal. 

Well changes are here again on Wed., we will see if I leave Esteli or not.  I am confused on if I want to leave of not.  I will let it be the Lords will. 

Well tell every one back home that a trial is a just a path to help guide us to god.  That is actually a really cool quote.  It is by Elder Ballard.  The economic problems, health problems, death in family,  are all just straight and narrows leading us to Christ.  (Don't you just love the faith of these kids (Kara and Kyle), they tell it like it is and put everything in perspective for us parents to learn from them)

Elder Bloomfield  

12 July 2011 Sanya, a girl we are teaching

I will tell you about the people I am teaching .....so first off, we have Sanyra, she is a single mom with a 3 year old son.  She is like 22 years old.  We were contacting and we came across her the first time we talked to her she had amazing questions like why are there so many churches and which one is true and stuff like that. We have continued to teach her but after 3 weeks she always said she would come to church but never came so we stopped teaching her and didn't pass by here house for that week and she randomly came to church this Sunday so now she has been to church 3 times and we are going to baptize her this Friday.  She knows like every thing about the church now.  Every thing that we have taught her she remembers it and puts it in practice.  It is way cool.  This last Friday, we were in her house teaching her and so we asked if she had a testimony and she started off saying no because her whole family is Catholic so she was thinking it can't be true or my family is all false.  Eventually she was like I cant lie,  I know the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true.  Just to help her understand and grow her testimony I asked her to pray with us kneeling down on our knees.  So she prayed and it was a beautiful prayer, she asked for help and to really know if the stuff she had learned and read is true.  After the prayer we just stayed kneeling in silence feeling the spirit.  I asked her how she felt and she was like I feel RARO ( weird)  but then she said that it is a good weird and she knows that it is the spirit telling her the truth.  She then said she had only felt like that one other time in her whole life.  I am fortunate to feel those feeling every single day of my life, it is the blessing of the gospel.

This week was great as a zone we baptized 3 families, that is super good for our zone so we will see how the rest of this month goes.  We also have some new members in the ward that are really helping us out.  They planned the baptism and encargarse in every thing, so we just have to show up to the baptism.  That is the first time ever in my life that I have had to do that.  We have possibly 2 more families this week.  If we can baptize them that would be amazing.  Also it is District Conference this weekend so I am way pumped for that as President is coming and Elder Duarte.  Also I am pretty sure I am going to get a new President of our Branch.  So that will be nice.

I have no clue what I am going to do about college.  I will have to figure it out when I get home. I talked to Pres about the scholarship and it is the 2000 from the return missionary plus 500 dollars so 2500 in total. That is that,  but who knows what I am going to do.   BYU Idaho is a no go.  It is UVU or SVU but who knows.  We'll just have to see.

Well life is great here!
Elder Bloomfield

We can go teach your friends when I get home.  If you want we can invite them over and we can watch one of the videos put out by the church cause little girls like to watch movies.  Then we can teach them a little about the church, sound good??  We will have to teach your friends parents cause we don't baptize kids we baptize families.

Well you should read the Book of Mormon and work so you are not bored in the house.  Invent something.  or get a job.

Love you,

Elder Bloomfield

4 July 2011 Another Super Crazy Week!

It was another super crazy week!!!!!!

We had interviews with President Arredondo, that was cool. He thanked me for all my work here in Esteli because he knows it is really hard. It's actually kind of sad. It is really easy to tell that the leaders don't have very high expectations of us and don't have much faith in us here. All the missionaries can see that they don't have faith in us so they have lost there faith and aren't working like they should. It is way frustrating. It is not that way for us in this area. We should have a baptism this week if we can find our investigator in her house. Also we have a branch mission leader now that is real great, so I am super excited for these next couple of weeks. Hopefully we can make some kind of change here in my area.

Well I think that is every thing for right now.

I hope you have a great week!!
Love you,

Elder Bloomfield

Mission office 28 September 2010

Hey how are you doing?? Well things like usual were really crazy. Oh just so you know my p-day is now Saturdays so if you want to write me you should do it before Saturday.

Alright lets start with Sunday of last week. We had 14 investigators in church. It's super crazy how every thing is going because we work for like 3 to 4 hours in the field every day. We don't have much time but we are killing it and should have a ton of baptisms this change. These days I am finding people just have the weirdest doubts and problems. Like one lady past a ton of time and didn't want to get baptized but when we sat down to talk and figure out why, she said it was because she has always had the dream to learn how to be a belly dancer and if she got baptized she wouldn't be able to do that. Also this other girl stalled for like 3 weeks and didn't get baptized cause she wanted to get baptized in a river and not in a font. It's crazy if the investigators talk the whole lesson and us as missionaries just talk a little it is just far better, the spirit is so strong and we can figure out what peoples problems are much faster. That is what I have been learning about teaching these days.

Oh then Sunday night we went to President Arredondo's house to eat dinner. It was fun. I played the guitar for him, it was kinda awkward but cool.

Staying in the office is awesome. The mission finance secretary, the 2 AP's, the secretary that is training me, a sick kid and me all live together in this huge 2 story house that has one shower with warm water. woo hoo It has air conditioning in the room that we sleep. We don't have any people that make us food so we just eat out all the time. In other words I am going to get fat real fast here. But it's fun.

Wed. morning at 5 we got up to go play soccer. It was a lot of fun but I have really bad news. My soccer shoes soles fell of so I am going to take them to a guy to see if he can sew them back together or glue or magic or something. If he can't, I will have to buy new soccer shoes. Sorry.

Oh other news here in the mission, we have 2 cars a truck and a small SUV. The small SUV is a manual. I am one of 3 people in the whole mission who have permission from Pres. to drive a car. It is crazy driving here. It's like driving in Malaysia, kind of like I am driving in the formula one race, plus the streets are just straight crap. It is really sucky Oh well I love an adventure.

So on an average day we get to the office at 8am and work here till 5pm then we go to work in the field. It is pretty different from what we did before.

Well I think that is all, things here are awesome!!!!
Love, Elder Bloomfield

Miracles and Flat tire 25 September 2010

Alright, we had some pretty sweet road trips, but they don't stop here. We leave in like 20 min. on another road trip to Siuna where Elder Brown, Sanders and others are to help with there first baptisms ever. 25 at one time. I will take pics, it will be sick. Well we have already drivin over 1000 kilometers this week, so we will probably drive another 1000 today and tomorrow. It will be 2 long days. ( heard from the mother of one of the Elders Kyle was traveling with, that they drove from 3pm to 2 am to get to Siuna. They had to help pull a truck up a ledge that had gone over and was blocking the way. Siuna is the place I sent the email from the other Elder about last week. The missionaries have only been in over 2 weeks and they had 25 ready for baptism. They were baptized in a river as they do not have a font there yet.)

Wed. or Tuesday night we slept in a hotel in a little town called Ocotal. It is up by the border of Honduras. It was pretty awesome!! We found an amazing new area for the missionaries to go to.

Also we had a super awesome experience, I think on Tuesday. We were visiting this other area that we were going to open called Rio Blanco. We looked up on the computer to see if there were any members that lived there and there just so happened to be one family that lived there. So, we went to Rio Blanco, it's like a 5 hour drive. We got a flat tire on the way, but no biggy. Check out the cool pic from that. So, we searched around the town to just see how it was. It was really cool. Then we started looking for the families house. We found them and it is a family of 10 people and some of the kids are married already so it is a huge family and they are all members. When we got to the house the dad of the house took us to the back room of his house and started talking to us and letting us know about the family and about his life. It turns out he is a member and has been sealed in the temple to his family and use to be a branch President when he lived in another city. You couldn't ask for any better of a set up. We left with him immediately to try and find a place for the missionaries to live and a place to have the church. We had great success. After that we went back to the house to talk with the whole family. We all shared scriptures and sang and every thing. They had a little six year old kid that had the hymns memorized. It was awesome, after that we gave them the message, we gave every single family member a blessing of comfort, then we dedicated their house with them. They were really scared that we were just coming to see and not to establish the church there. They had been praying that the church would come to the town and every thing. It was so awesome. It was an amazing experience. They all cried as the spirit was so strong and they were happy to have the church in their town.

Well we got to go, love you and talk to you soon.
Elder Bloomfield

Sunday, October 7, 2012

27 June 2011 Starting to think about coming home.

Hey thanks for taking some thing over for me to the Bergam's, you are such a sweet heart (Kyle said I should take something over to the Bergam's and see how they are doing after having just lost their father). So Dad tells me it seems like I am back home.....cause you are a wreck... and crying about changes. Look on the bright side. There is a possibility of moving over seas again. Just listen to the Book of Mormon, if you keep the commandments you will prosper in the earth. You don't have any thing to worry about the Lord will provide. Lets see, this week went a little better. We had some crazy rumors going around about some of the missionaries. I have never been in a zone with so many problems. So we fixed all those problems that were going on and after that the week went real smooth. We have found some pretty good families. One of them was going to go to church but he got way sick and looked like he was going to die, but his wife went to church so it was pretty cool. I will read the scriptures and stuff and get back to you on how they are. Dad said I have to talk on Gratitude when I get home. I was thinking there is a story about 2 rock climbers one falls and the other one catches him. I think his name is Zenskush. You might have heard it before (Kyle is teasing because this is a story Steve likes to use in his talks and we have heard it so many times from him)? How are we going to do this SVU Open house thing if I have to give a talk that Sunday?? We could just put it off another week. Just kidding not funny. If there is a will there is a way. So Travis likes hanging out with my friends, that is good. They need a good influence in their lives. Well I don't know what else to write about. Is Travis working yet or is he just being a bum?? He should probably get a job. I will need to get a sweet job also where I can make millions ever week. Don't know where that job is but I will find it. My dream job would be... to be an owner of a hotel and resort chain and have hotels and resorts in exotic places like Indonesia, Fiji Islands and Bora Bora and Virgin Islands and Africa. You feelin me? That is my dream, but don't know how it is going to come to pass, but that is my dream. Uhm I think that is all for now. Hope you have a great week. Take the jetski out for me and I'll see you in 4 months. Yours truly, Elder Bloomfield

20 June 2012 "I am happy I have the true Gospel in my life!"

Hey Mom what is up? Sorry I am writing so late (his email did not come until 9:00pm) I finally got back from Managua we had consejo de LIderes today. Every thing went real well. It was really sad for me personally cause I was one of the oldest missionaries there. It is sad when one comes to the end of his mission. Sounds like you guys stay way busy back home (Steve and the boys had high adventure last week and the girls and I had our own adventures- Sea World, the Zoo, Movies, slumber party in the TV room with Movie and popcorn, Snowcones, shopping etc. We had a really fun week). I thought people only stole things here in Nicaragua but I guess it happens in the states also (we got 2 wake boards stolen out of the boat this week while the boys had it on High Adventure). punks... Hey tell Erin Bergam that I got her letter and that I am going to write her back soon. Well as far as things go here, I am better and every thing is good (last week he was sick and had a fever), but now my comp has some kind of bug and he likes going to the bathroom a lot these days. Saturday the sister missionaries baptized a family so we helped get all that stuff planned. This week that was cool. Here in Esteli it is so much different from the rest of the mission. I have such mixed feelings about this place, I want to help establish the church here but it is so hard, on the other hand I want to baptize and reach my goal of baptisms or at least get closer but being here makes every thing so hard and being Zone Leaders makes things harder. Well this week in the mission is preparation. Funny thing in our mission we baptize so much that we aren't aloud to baptize the last week of the month. We use it to prepare for the up coming month. We have a ton of work to do this next week so we can prepare our families to baptize the first week of July so we will use the rest of the month to help out the Zone. Hey what are you thinking about college these days?? I really have no clue what to do. I just want to go to the temple and pray but there is no temple here so I can't do that. Also Sunday I gave a talk on temples, it was good I used the Prophets talk from this last conference. We also had a miracle this Sunday one of the investigators that we stopped teaching randomly came to church and she loved it and now wants to get baptized, the only problem is that it is just a 25 year old woman and not a family. (their mission has set a goal to baptize families so they will stay strong). I talked to some pretty crazy guys this week that just have a ton of apostasy in their minds. It makes me so happy to know that I have the gospel in my life, the true gospel! It is so amazing¡¡¡ Well that is all. Love, Elder Bloomfield Only 4 months left to live the dream
Candy Poster we sent him.
Yummy Bananas!!!!!

13 June 2011 Drama in the Zone

That is crazy that he died all of the sudden (a man (Paul Bergam) from our ward passed away from a massive heart attack this week. It was very sad and I wrote and told Kyle about it). I haven't gotten a letter from Erin (Paul Bergam was her Dad) in ages. Do you know what she is going to do for college?? It will be very interesting to see if this makes them stronger or weaker in the gospel. Oh also, Patrick St.Piers Dad died that is rough. He is a good kid. I like him. Is High Adventure only 4 days long this year or am I just bad at counting days? What is up with the ward these days? Is it small or why are there only 13 kids going on High Adventure that is not the High adventures that I remember. We had 13 but just leaders. But there is one thing that I really like about this high adventure is going to the lake and wake boarding. Down here it is always so hot these days. I don't know what is happening here, it is rainy season but it hasn't rained all week long. I have a cold and fever but life goes on. Well this week was really rough, we are working so hard out here but all the missionaries in the zone are causing a ton of drama. I don't understand why you can't just come on the mission and serve the Lord like you are suppose to. Why do they have to make every thing so difficult? Today we had an activity to unite the zone and it turned into a disaster. Before we even started all the sister missionaries were out side of the church crying cause they don't like their District Leader. So after all that planning the activity turned into talking to them the whole time to solve all the problems that they have. I think things are going to be a little better now. As far as my area it is a little rough still but we have 2 familias that hopefully will get baptized next month. Oh we had some sweet investigators but their Pastor came over and talked to them and told them all kinds of crap and now they don't want any thing to do with us. Got to love that. It happens a ton here in Esteli. Well I think that is all for now, Love you, Elder Bloomfield