Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year!!!! 1 January 2011

Well its a new year. It is really weird to think about. The full year of 2010 I was on the mission..... time sure flies. So lets see what happened this week. Oh one highlight of the week was when the Elder Goodman flooded the office. Every night the water goes away (most of Nicaragua does not have water at night. They only pump it during the day) here in the office, so he went to the bathroom then went to wash his hands. So he turned on the water but there was no water to come out, so he left and tried another sink the same thing no water and he left it open and forgot to shut the tap, so when the water came back in the morning the sinks filled up with water then over flowed until the whole office was a giant mess. While he played soccer with some of the zones me and Elder Lundquist got to clean it up. It was kinda funny. It started going into the office next door to us and they weren't to happy about that. They kept coming in um and saying "by the way its flooded". It was way helpful because if they wouldn't have told us we wouldn't have noticed the 1 and a 1/2inches of water on the ground. retards.

I got a hair cut this week. Elder Burrows another missionary that was here came back to visit and we ate dinner with him.

Oh so the other missionaries that were in the office before us are setting a really high standard for us. One of them is married and the others are Engaged. Elder Burrows went home when I came to the office in August and he is engaged and getting married in May. Hanks is married and went home in Sep. and Sanders is basically engaged so we have our work set out for us. The area president Elder Clarke told us if we don't get married with in a year of being home we didn't learn any thing on the mission. ha ha ha

Any ways lets see. We have a new investigator Eddie, he is way cool. He use to be a gang member but wants to change his life and stuff. He is really positive, a good funny kid. Just hope he hasn't killed any body. That will make it hard to get baptized.

So last month went really well we baptized 41 families as a mission that is a ton.

We finally went to the doctor for Elder Lundquist's toe (he is Kyle companion and has had an ingrown toe nail for a long time that is very infected -for weeks I have been telling them to get it checked and at Christmas, they agreed they would get it checked as it was green with white stuff coming out they said - yuck) and it is doing better but he has to go back on Tuesday so the doctor can fix his nail up.

Other then that every thing here is great.

Love you and miss you.

Mopping the Office after the flood

Christmas Eve Dinner with the Arredondo's and the Office Elders and those that live near by the mission home.

New Year's Eve Dinner with the Arredondo's at TGIFridays.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Conference 15 December 2010

The whole mission at the Christmas Conference

The Christmas conference is over and things are almost normal again. Now I am just getting ready for changes and stuff like that. We are staying way busy.

So at our Christmas conference the people that were going home gave there last testimonies. Then we had a music and the spoken word kind of thing. It was real cool, I was in charge of the cool little slide show with pictures of Jesus and the baby and every thing. We had 2 narrators that read the birth of Jesus and after each small narration we had a special musical number for each group. After that we had games. We played volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, obstacle course, and random food eating contests. It was a ton of fun. Every one got sunburned during this part. After that we had lunch. Lunch was amazing. Hermana Arredondo wanted the best food possible so we spent 3000 dollars on food by catering the nicest hotel in Nicaragua to make our food. It was way professional and nice. During lunch we had a gift exchange and the office gave out a gift to all the missionaries. It was way fun. after lunch we had a spiritual part by Pres. then every one went back home. It was way crazy but I think it was worth it. I will attach some photos so you can see how every thing went.

On Friday about 7 kids (new missionaries) from Provo MTC are coming then on Monday 7 Latinos are coming then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8 missionaries go home. So, we will be doing tons of work in the next week or so. Pres. announced to every one that Elder Christofferson is coming. It was pretty funny. It was right at the end of the conference and people were starting to fall asleep and he said it and every one just jumped up and was paying attention to what was going on. It was funny.

I have good news if Kara was in my mission I would have bought her plane ticket to day but she is not in my mission. It is weird to think she is going home in 2 months. I am like the 8 oldest gringo in the mission and I don't even have 18 months that shows how young our mission is. It is crazy, every one is so young.

I think that is all I have to say this week . I will write later.

Elder Bloomfield

Some deep thinkers!!!

Enjoying their Christmas Conference Dinner


Two Latino Elders with Elder Taylor Whatcott, Kyle's old companion

Pres. Arredondo with 3 Elders that are going home. The one on the right was Kyle's first companion when he got to Nicaragua. He is from Panama.

Looking so serious

Pretty dirty after the obstacle coarse!!

Looking sweaty and tired

Setting up the obstacle coarse

Obstacle coarse

Office Elders

The Arredondo Family performing at the Christmas Conference

President and Hermana Arredondo's Christmas message

The Office Elders at the end of a busy day.

Notice the great matching ties and hanker chiefs

Here is a link to a Christmas Video that the mission made with all the missionaries:


Getting ready for the Christmas Conference 12 December 2010

How is every thing going? Sorry I haven't written. We are getting every thing ready for the Christmas Conference tomorrow and Tuesday so we are just crazy busy. It's crazy. I haven't really had time to do much at all. We are just working like crazy.

Well lets see what is there to tell. I am really not sure things are just normal here. We finally got this kid Carlos to church this week . It has been a real fight with him. He wants to serve a mission and knows the church is true but just can't go to church and goes and studies and works so much but he finally made it to church.

Well I need to get some more things ready for the conference so I will write later but here are some photos.

love you a ton and almost happy birthday dad.

Office Elders and Very White Santa

Office filled with Christmas Gift bags for all the missionaries. The office Elders were busy shopping for all this stuff so that each missionary would have a gift.

Elder Lundquist and all the gift bags

Gotta love the new converts 5 December 2010

Just the same size!!!

Well here we are again another week past by and I couldn't even tell. Tonight is the Christmas Devotional and I am super pumped for that. It is always one of the greatest devotionals of the year. It is really weird to think that I watched it last year here in Nicaragua. It doesn't seem like I have been here that long. Feels like I am still just getting started.

Alright so you know how when we went to Dallas for the labor day tournament and every year there was just the craziest testimonies. Well we had one of those today. This time it wasn't a crazy person, ok she is crazy but she is also one of my recent converts. She has gone to church every Sunday since general conference. She hasn't missed one Sunday. She does almost every thing we tell her. Its kinda funny, but she is super evangelica. Any ways today in sacrament meeting she decided that she would like to give her testimony. Bad idea that's all I know. She was sitting on the front row with Elder Defig and I was more to the back with some investigators. When she stood up to go bare her testimony I got really nervous. So she started her testimony off all good and normal saying how nice it was to have the missionaries come to her house and help her change religion and find the truth. After about 5 min of that she turned into super evangelical woman and just starts yelling things and she was throwing her arms in the air as if she was trying to catch butterflies. The only thing that we were missing was her having a seizure because she felt the spirit. haha The whole ward was just laughing really hard or just embarressed at the fact that she was up there talking. After about 15 min she finally sat down. When she sat down she asked Elder Defig. did I say any thing wrong and he just looked at her like she was crazy. He was like next time just a little more reverent. It was way funny. The bishopric was really ashamed, but one of them was laughing really hard. It was way funny. He just lost it and put his hands over his face and was just balling from laughing so hard.

Other then that nothing really happened this week. Things here are pretty normal besides being really busy.

Also this week we went to drop some kids off at the airport so that they could leave on their missions. It was funny to see them all leaving on the mission. They all looked so nervous and some of them were really strange. This one kid when he showed up to the office didn't have a suit or any thing. He was a disaster and he asked us some of the weirdest questions I have ever heard. Strange kid. I feel bad for his comp. It could get real weird.

Well how is life back home??

Chicken and Cheese Casserole 1 December 2010

Things are getting crazy around here. We are just way busy these days sorry I haven't written.

Well lets see, yesterday we went to Chinandega to do a conferencia on the way back we had to sit on the road for 2 hours waiting for stupid taxi drivers that were on strike so they put their cars all on the road. It was a real pain.

Monday we had a bunch of emergency changes and a meeting with the ZL. It was just our usual meeting that we have at the end of every month to talk about how we did and what we can do to get better.

We just had some changes because the usual changes are on the 23 of December so Pres. didn't want to do many changes then, so he did some now. Also in December we are going to baptize 70 familias so that is another reason we did changes. We also had to close some areas and stuff. Lets just say I haven't gotten much sleep lately.

Things in my area are going good. I am a little sad because I want to work in it more but Defig and Lundquist always have to do things here in the office.

I put some photos up from when I cooked chicken and cheese and set up the table and every thing(Kyle made dinner for all the office Elders and the Mission President and his family). They all loved the food. I couldn't find stuffing so I got croutons and toast and made my own with seasonings and stuff but it was really good.

Picture of the table before eating

Elder ?, Elder Lundquist, Elder Bloomfield (Kyle), and Elder Defig. before dinner.

Elder Lundquist and Elder Bloomfield (Kyle) ready for the famous Chicken and Cheese casserole.