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Twelve Days of Christmas 12/14/2009

Alright, so I went to a cyber cafe and wrote your whole email and went to send it and the Internet went out, so I lost my whole entire message, so now I am in a different cyber writing you again. So my new comp., he is called Elder Loarca and he is from El Salvador. This is his second area, he has been in the mission for only 5 months. So he doesn’t have much experience at all. My old comp. went to a different zone and is now a Zone Leader. There is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders because I am the only one that knows the area.
Alright, so do you want to know one of the differences between here and Malaysia? I will tell you, in Malaysia they put a family of 5 on a moped and here they put a family of 5 on a bicycle. It is a rather amazing site to see.
Speaking of families of 5 we are teaching a family of 5 right now. They seem to enjoy the scriptures and reading so I hope to be able to continue teaching them.
I gave my first talk in Sacrament Meeting this week. It went well, I used Dads favorite story and what not. Hopefully I don’t talk again for a while because my Spanish needs to get better before I do that again.

About the phone call on Christmas I think I am just going to call you from a cyber. It is .50 cordobas for one minute on the phone (20 cordobas is a dollar so it is pretty cheap).

Here is the surprise I told you about. Since I am not going to be able to be home and partake in the wonderful family tradition of the 12 days of Christmas, I made up my own along with a scripture to go with it. Start it so that the last day is on Christmas Eve.

On the first day of Christmas my God gave to me:
1 Savior- He came and gave his life for us so that we can live without sin and with our families forever. 1 Nephi 10:4

On the second day of Christmas my God gave to me:
2 parents – My parents have cared for me and loved me my whole life. (First scripture is for mom) 2 Nephi 1:14 1 Nephi 1:1

On the third day of Christmas my God gave to me:
3 sisters – I have had three wonderful sisters that have run the house so they have always kept me in line. 2 Nephi 5:6

On the fourth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
4 wheels – Being able to drive a car is a huge blessing. We are so spoiled living in America and every member having a car. Here in Nicaragua, walking is a very large part of my life, all I do every day is walk. Alma 7:9

On the fifth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
5 grindgos (cheles) – 5 other Americans came to Nicaragua with me and we are going to go through the thick and through the thin together. D&C 42:6

On the sixth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
6 different homes – I have lived in six very different places and every single one of those places has prepared me to come here. 3 Nephi 14:24-27

On the seventh day of Christmas my God gave to me:
7 letters to spell the word friends – Friends have been a large part of my life. Friends can be a bad thing and lead you astray or they can be there for you at all times and help you every day of your life. It all depends on what friends you choose.

On the eighth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
8 hours a night to sleep – I sleep 8 hours every night no more no less. Sleeping is a true blessing. A nice bed, a silent bed room, they are things I can only remember. Here I sweat every night. I hear fireworks all night long as well as stupid dogs barking and roosters crowing. Mosiah 37:37

On the ninth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
9 people to be my family - Mom, Dad, Kara, Me, Travis, Mason, Olivia, Cassi and last but not least Zach. Alma 43:47 (the scripture says it all)

On the tenth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
10 different versions of fifa - fifa is a good solid valuable use of our spare time. D&C 58 : 26-27

On the eleventh day of Christmas my God gave to me:
11 soccer players – Soccer has been a large part of my life. Every one that has been able to experience it with me has been a blessing to me (Terry & Kerwin). This scripture is for Zach. Change the name Limhi to your name or mine or any one on our team. Mosiah 20:11

On the twelfth day of Christmas my God gave to me:
12 grades in school – As I have served here in Nicaragua, I have learned how blessed we are to have schools. Tons of the people in my area can't read let alone write. Don’t take school for granted. I loved school. 2 Nephi 19 : 13

This 24th of December remember God has given you all these things and we need to always remember him and give him thanks. 24 is also the number of months I get to serve and give back to my God.

For those that don't have a Book of Mormon to reference the scriptures I have included, they can be found on (click on the side bar that says scriptures and then click on the Book of Mormon and you can look them up from there).

Love, Elder Bloomfield

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