Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Just another day in Paradise" 12/21/2009

This is "Paradise". It is a one room place with 2 bunk beds and a desk with two chairs and a fridge. The door leads to the bathroom which has a toilet and an area to shower with a bucket. There is no hot water at all. There are always several critters in the bathroom as there are cracks all over in the walls, so they just come and go as they please (Kyle asked Steve (his Dad) to come down and do a few repairs to caulk up the many holes). Notice the fine air conditioning - It is a fan that they move from place to place to try and cool themselves down. Everyday in Paradise is an Adventure!!!!!

I am not sure what to write as we are going to be talking soon and I know that you will have a ton of questions for me then. So let's see, oh we had a really sweet mission Christmas party. It was tons of fun, we had water balloons and a slip and slide and every thing. It was nice to get wet from water and not sweat. We sweat 24/7 in this place. It is no fun.

So the focus of the mission is families and so my companion is all about that because he does not have a family, so he works super hard to find families. Right now we have a couple families that we are teaching and one of them looks pretty good. Last week we were teaching this guy and he was coming to church and to activities and stuff, then one day he was like "well I am not feeling it any more" and just dropped us.

There was a guy from Bluefield that was in our area (in Bluefield they speak Spanish, English, and Jamacian mixtures)so we couldn’t really communicate with him, but it was 9:00pm and we needed to go in and he just wanted to go in with us. So we talked to him for 30 more minutes just trying to get rid of him, but we couldn’t. Eventually we just walked away and he followed us. Finally after walking for a while we lost him. We got in at 9:45p.m..

This mission is a ton of fun. I am glad I was called to serve here. At the Christmas party, I was talking to the guy that is now my old companions companion and he said that my companion always talks about me and how I have so much fire and I will be a good missionary. I also talked to one of the old AP's and he said that if I keep working like I am working now, I will be an AP (Assistant to the Mission President). I don’t want to be AP, I just want to be a missionary. It was good to hear because I felt like to Elder Flores, my old companion, that I was just a burden because I didn’t know Spanish. But it's good to know I am doing some thing here.

Welp, just another day in paradise.

Love, Elder Bloomfield

This is a picture of Elder Bloomfield (Kyle), a man they baptized and Elder Flores (Kyle's 1st companion from Panama)

This is Elder Bloomfield trying out the Wheel Chairs that have been donated by the church to those in need.

These are some of the recipients of the Wheel Chairs.

This is the member family that the missionaries eat lunch with every day. They pay them a fee each month for lunch. It is usually beans, chicken and rice. Not much variety at all. For Breakfast, the Landlord brings something over (soggy pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, eggs, rice, beans, etc.)as they do not have any kitchen facilities except a very small fridge. For dinner, they pay another member to make their meals every evening. It is usually beans, chicken and rice as well. Needles to say, the food is not a highlight and the missionaries spend a lot of time on the toilet.

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