Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting use to Life in Managua 12/7/2009

Hey family and friends, how are you doing?

So the first thing that is on my mind while I was sitting here reading letters, my comp. got a phone call and he is being transferred so it appears I am getting a new companion today. I am a little bummed about that because my comp. right now is amazing.

Alright, so Dad wants to know about the people we are teaching, so I will tell you. Right now we have around 15 progressing investigators. They are all really good. We also had another baptism on Saturday. I baptized her; it was good. She was about 4 feet tall. All the people are real receptive. This guy we met Thursday came to church and came and watched the First Presidency Christmas message with us which was amazing. I am not sure of the details with most investigators because I can't understand, but I get the general idea of their problems and stuff.

The food sucks it is rice, beans and other crap. The peoples house that we eat at always give me a hard time and try to get me to eat more so I can be fat. I don't want to be fat. I believe my weight is the same if not I have gained a tiny amount. I haven´t been sick but I have had the funs (or runs) since I got here so it's a normal thing. It's part of being a missionary here. I have not been robbed yet. Elder Francis, one of the elders that came to Nicaragua with me, was robbed his first week here. Our curfew is 9pm. In some places it's safe at night but for the most part we don't teach much after dark because it is not safe. It has rained once since I have been here, rainy season just ended before I got here.

Alright, so football last week was lots of fun. I was the quarterback but we did mostly hand offs due to the fact that the Hispanics can't catch. But it was real fun, my team won and I caught 3 interceptions and I scored 4 touchdowns. We had shoulder pads and helmets (and yes, our president doesn't know we play). We are suppose to play rugby this week, but I think I have to go to the changes meeting instead.

Well I think that's long enough. I will tell you about my new comp. next week. Also, I have a surprise for you next week.

Love and miss you guys a ton!!

Love, Elder Bloomfield
still livin the dream

American football on P-day with pads and all.

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