Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Como un Rocket January 11, 2009

Well we had another investigator family in church again. That is 3 weeks in a row. In other words, it is time for them to be baptized but they can't because they have a lot of problems, as well as they live in a really dangerous part and the husband doesn't get home from work until 10 or so, so we can't teach them. It is difficult. We have taught the family all together about 3 times and the wife we have talked to about 6 or so times. She is frustrated with her husband because he is never at home, so we are working hard to get every thing figured out with them.

Our other family that we found this week are pretty sweet. It is a young couple probably in their early 20's. They have 2 young kids. They love the lessons and talking with us. The only problem is they are not married, but before we told them being together with out being married is bad, they were like we are trying to get married because being together is fornication. So that is pretty cool. The problem is the father doesn't have any papers or id or any thing.

Also a member brought 3 friends to church Sunday and we are starting to teach them the lessons. They are 3 teenage girls. They really like me and i don't like it.

Speaking about floods in the church,(In my letter to Kyle today, I told him that a pipe froze and broke at our church on Sunday. I know we live in Texas, but it was soooooo cold over the weekend - like in the low teens at night) we were having a giant meeting with all the stake and the ac run off was like a water fall straight out of the ceiling to the floor right in front of the pulpit. The best part is no one did any thing they all just sat and watched it, so I got a large yellow mop bucket and placed it under the waterfall.

I have figured out why Central America and this area are not so great. Pretty much because the people have no respect for any thing. For example my comp is sick right now and he just did a snot rocket onto the bed room floor then rubbed it around with his shoe. For those who don't know what a snot rocket is I will explain. He held one nostril closed while he blew the other nostril causing snot to launch out como un rocket. It makes me so mad. Respect the earth God gave us. It's not that hard. (Thank you Kyle very much for the lovely description - yuk)

It is probably around 80 or 70 some where around there at night due to the wind. People are wearing jackets and sweaters and stuff. It's ridiculous.

Oh and that book you wanted me to read, "our search for happiness". I read it in 2 days and I read all of first Nephi yesterday and today. I am a reading maniac. I hate reading but I have to learn more things to be a good missionary.

Well have a good week.
It just another day in paradise here!

Elder Bloomfield

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