Thursday, January 21, 2010

The run away investigator January 18, 2010

So it's looking like I am going to have my first wedding this next week, the 30th. We have a family we have been teaching that would like to be baptized and married. They're super cool and they have changed a lot. The mother of the lady we are going to baptize is a member and her other daughter wants to get baptized but won't get married with her man, so she can't get baptized. That's the deal. No one is married here. They just like to party.

Also we had one of the girls we have been teaching ask if she can be baptized for her birthday. She has been taught all the lessons and has started to change her life around but she is not 100% ready yet, maybe later. But funny story, she has a friend that she was talking to in the street one day when we passed, so we started talking to her and asked what church she goes to. Then we went to talk more about our church and she ran away. Literally ran. Yesterday we walked past her house and she whistled at us and yelled at us to go over to her house. So we started talking and she was like I don't have a bible and you guys keep asking questions so just read something from the bible and then leave. So we found a scripture that applied to her and then she started crying and then she just continued asking more questions and more questions. Later that day we went to teach our investigator (her friend) and she was over there waiting for us. It was cool to see the change in her in just 24 hours. At the end of the lesson she asked "you are coming back tomorrow right?" I hope she continues to change and get baptized.

Well that is all for this week.
Elder Bloomfield

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