Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicken and Cheese Casserole 1 December 2010

Things are getting crazy around here. We are just way busy these days sorry I haven't written.

Well lets see, yesterday we went to Chinandega to do a conferencia on the way back we had to sit on the road for 2 hours waiting for stupid taxi drivers that were on strike so they put their cars all on the road. It was a real pain.

Monday we had a bunch of emergency changes and a meeting with the ZL. It was just our usual meeting that we have at the end of every month to talk about how we did and what we can do to get better.

We just had some changes because the usual changes are on the 23 of December so Pres. didn't want to do many changes then, so he did some now. Also in December we are going to baptize 70 familias so that is another reason we did changes. We also had to close some areas and stuff. Lets just say I haven't gotten much sleep lately.

Things in my area are going good. I am a little sad because I want to work in it more but Defig and Lundquist always have to do things here in the office.

I put some photos up from when I cooked chicken and cheese and set up the table and every thing(Kyle made dinner for all the office Elders and the Mission President and his family). They all loved the food. I couldn't find stuffing so I got croutons and toast and made my own with seasonings and stuff but it was really good.

Picture of the table before eating

Elder ?, Elder Lundquist, Elder Bloomfield (Kyle), and Elder Defig. before dinner.

Elder Lundquist and Elder Bloomfield (Kyle) ready for the famous Chicken and Cheese casserole.

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