Monday, January 24, 2011

Gotta love the new converts 5 December 2010

Just the same size!!!

Well here we are again another week past by and I couldn't even tell. Tonight is the Christmas Devotional and I am super pumped for that. It is always one of the greatest devotionals of the year. It is really weird to think that I watched it last year here in Nicaragua. It doesn't seem like I have been here that long. Feels like I am still just getting started.

Alright so you know how when we went to Dallas for the labor day tournament and every year there was just the craziest testimonies. Well we had one of those today. This time it wasn't a crazy person, ok she is crazy but she is also one of my recent converts. She has gone to church every Sunday since general conference. She hasn't missed one Sunday. She does almost every thing we tell her. Its kinda funny, but she is super evangelica. Any ways today in sacrament meeting she decided that she would like to give her testimony. Bad idea that's all I know. She was sitting on the front row with Elder Defig and I was more to the back with some investigators. When she stood up to go bare her testimony I got really nervous. So she started her testimony off all good and normal saying how nice it was to have the missionaries come to her house and help her change religion and find the truth. After about 5 min of that she turned into super evangelical woman and just starts yelling things and she was throwing her arms in the air as if she was trying to catch butterflies. The only thing that we were missing was her having a seizure because she felt the spirit. haha The whole ward was just laughing really hard or just embarressed at the fact that she was up there talking. After about 15 min she finally sat down. When she sat down she asked Elder Defig. did I say any thing wrong and he just looked at her like she was crazy. He was like next time just a little more reverent. It was way funny. The bishopric was really ashamed, but one of them was laughing really hard. It was way funny. He just lost it and put his hands over his face and was just balling from laughing so hard.

Other then that nothing really happened this week. Things here are pretty normal besides being really busy.

Also this week we went to drop some kids off at the airport so that they could leave on their missions. It was funny to see them all leaving on the mission. They all looked so nervous and some of them were really strange. This one kid when he showed up to the office didn't have a suit or any thing. He was a disaster and he asked us some of the weirdest questions I have ever heard. Strange kid. I feel bad for his comp. It could get real weird.

Well how is life back home??

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