Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year!!!! 1 January 2011

Well its a new year. It is really weird to think about. The full year of 2010 I was on the mission..... time sure flies. So lets see what happened this week. Oh one highlight of the week was when the Elder Goodman flooded the office. Every night the water goes away (most of Nicaragua does not have water at night. They only pump it during the day) here in the office, so he went to the bathroom then went to wash his hands. So he turned on the water but there was no water to come out, so he left and tried another sink the same thing no water and he left it open and forgot to shut the tap, so when the water came back in the morning the sinks filled up with water then over flowed until the whole office was a giant mess. While he played soccer with some of the zones me and Elder Lundquist got to clean it up. It was kinda funny. It started going into the office next door to us and they weren't to happy about that. They kept coming in um and saying "by the way its flooded". It was way helpful because if they wouldn't have told us we wouldn't have noticed the 1 and a 1/2inches of water on the ground. retards.

I got a hair cut this week. Elder Burrows another missionary that was here came back to visit and we ate dinner with him.

Oh so the other missionaries that were in the office before us are setting a really high standard for us. One of them is married and the others are Engaged. Elder Burrows went home when I came to the office in August and he is engaged and getting married in May. Hanks is married and went home in Sep. and Sanders is basically engaged so we have our work set out for us. The area president Elder Clarke told us if we don't get married with in a year of being home we didn't learn any thing on the mission. ha ha ha

Any ways lets see. We have a new investigator Eddie, he is way cool. He use to be a gang member but wants to change his life and stuff. He is really positive, a good funny kid. Just hope he hasn't killed any body. That will make it hard to get baptized.

So last month went really well we baptized 41 families as a mission that is a ton.

We finally went to the doctor for Elder Lundquist's toe (he is Kyle companion and has had an ingrown toe nail for a long time that is very infected -for weeks I have been telling them to get it checked and at Christmas, they agreed they would get it checked as it was green with white stuff coming out they said - yuck) and it is doing better but he has to go back on Tuesday so the doctor can fix his nail up.

Other then that every thing here is great.

Love you and miss you.

Mopping the Office after the flood

Christmas Eve Dinner with the Arredondo's and the Office Elders and those that live near by the mission home.

New Year's Eve Dinner with the Arredondo's at TGIFridays.

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