Friday, November 27, 2009

The "Drop Off" Sept. 16, 2009

After spending a few days in Utah with Mom and Dad visiting family and friends, attending a session at the Salt Lake Temple and spending some time at Temple Square, the time had come.

The morning of the "Drop Off" was about to take place. We started out the day by doing some re-packing and making sure everything was in the suit cases. Once that was all accomplished, Steve (Kyle's Dad) gave him a Father's Blessing and we loaded the trunk for the ride to Provo (we were staying in Centerville about 1 hour away). It was an interesting ride down as we all anticipated what was to come. Since Mom and Dad had just done this 5 weeks previous with older sister, Kara (who is serving a mission in Panama, Panama City) they knew what was coming. Mom (Kris) of coarse had to give all her last counsel and instructions and Dad and Kyle just laughed. We arrived with plenty of time to take pictures and then the time came.

We pulled up to the curb, unloaded, took some last pictures gave our last hugs and kisses (and Mom began to cry) and off he went. Elder Kyle Bloomfield walked through the doors of the Mission Training Center and began a life changing experience and Mom and Dad drove away knowing that they would not see him for 2 years, but that he was exactly where he should be.

For 19 years, we had planned on this day and now it was here. It is a time of such mixed emotions (especially for Mom and Dad). Kyle will be greatly missed by many, but the people of Nicaragua will be so blessed to have him.

Go get 'em Elder!!!!!!!

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