Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 2 in Nicaragua

November 29, 2009

Alright, recap of this week. Lets see.

Monday- p-day played soccer with the natives. Beat them. Every one here is either a Barcelona fan or a Real Madrid fan. It is pretty funny.

I don't remember the rest of the days specifically, time flies when you are having fun. So last week this guy came up to my comp. and I and said he had read the whole Book of Mormon and wanted to talk to us. Just so you know, he was in a cart and horse. We went down to his house this week to teach him, but he was not there. His family was there. They live in a shack about the size of Olivia and Cassi's bathroom. All the kids but 2 were naked and they were all really dirty due to having no water to wash. There are so many things I want to take pictures of to show you what it is like here, but it is not safe to carry a camera so I can't.

Lets see what else? We had our bautismo(baptism)on Saturday. Every thing went well. It was kinda comical, he tried to dive in head first in stead of laying down backwards.

We will probably have another bautismo (baptism) this weekend and we have one next weekend for sure. This place is booming . It is one of the highest baptizing missions in the world.

So I don't have a pillow and I never use my English scriptures, so put one and 2 together and you get a nice solid pillow.

Due to poverty and different culture here. Feeding your child while doing other things such as listening to the missionaries talk is normal. In other words I see opies (spelling?)(this word means breast in Japanese) every day.

I don't live in the dump but others do. I live in the nice part of my area but it is not nice compared to home and what not, but a lot of people live in the dump so I have to go there some time, but I haven't been yet. I have seen it from a distance and they just burn every thing. It looks like it would be in Lord of the Rings where Sarumon lives or something.
(Steve and I googled the area/dump that he is talking about and it is a community that live at the dump. They get their food a shelter sifting through stuff/garbage. They recently built an elementary school there and the enrollment is very high because they offer a free lunch and that is usually the only meal the kids get unless they find something in the dump to eat. The poverty level is one of the highest in the northern hemisphere).

Yeah scary as in people(in his last email, he said it was scarey at times, so we asked him what kind of scary), but my area is real small and we say hey to every one so it is not as scary as before, but it still is pretty scary. People always throw fire works at us, like fire crackers and stuff.

We never go to one side of our area because that is where the drug cartel lives. They own that area. So we stay clear of it.

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