Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah

This is the first email we received from Kyle in the MTC:
September 22, 2009
Hey mother and father and family,
How is every thing going in America?? Things here are great, my companion is a very nice soul and my other room mates are the best. I have learned so much. My spanish is excellent, infact my teacher thought I should move up to the intermediate class, but I didn't want to at all because my spanish is horrible, remember. The food here is terrible. I really don't like what it does to the body. Every where always smells like farts. For gym we play volleyball and it is great. We are having a district against district game tomorrow. It will be fun. I am going to the temple later today. The schedule isn't that bad, getting up early isn't so bad. I have made tons of new friends and my dorm room is a hang out spot every night. Um every thing is great. Don't think I need any thing. Tell everyone hello.

Love you, good bye
Kyle Bloomfield

Part of a email: Sept. 29, 2009
Lets see I sing alot these days since I can't listen to music. I sing "Come thou Fount" all day, every day. It's a great song.

Part of an email: October 6, 2009
We all watched conference together in the gym, all 2500 missionaries. It was amazing, I loved the talk by Brent Neilsen in the last session. I have also already listened to Elder Hollands talk 3 times since conference. He has an amazing testimony of the church. Priesthood session was great, the prophets talk was sad but really good. I got about 8 pages of notes from conference.

Part of an email: October 13, 2009
Every thing here is going well my comps. are good and we are ready to leave and get in the field. Some people are starting to get home sick so I have been helping them out.

I keep every one on their toes here. We need some comical relief so I do that and try to help keep every one in a good mood. I have become close with every one in the zone. Our room seems to be the hang out spot at nights. Last night we had around 8 people in our room.

Part of an email: November 3, 2009
I had the oppertunity to talk to another girl in the rc. Thursday night I was talking to her about life and life after death because she was worried that her boyfriend was going to die because he was in a coma. We talked for a while about stuff and I challenged her to pray about the stuff I had taught her and for her boyfriend to get better. I got an email from her that same night that said she knelt down to pray about the things I asked her to when she got a text. The text said her boyfriend woke up from his coma. I thought that was amazing. Her prayer was answered before she even asked. God knows our struggles and knows if we really have faith. She said she has been praying alot lately. I talked to her last night and shared a scripture from 3 Nephi 18:20 (I think). Actually I dont think that's right, but it basucally says if you pray he will answer, so I told her that is what happened with her. She doesn't want missionaries, but I feel she wants a Book of Mormon. She is a strong Baptist, just so you know. That is about it.

Part of the last email from the MTC before heading to Nicaragua: November 10, 2009
Nothing real exciting has happened this week, so I don't have much to talk about. My mtc experiance has been great. Here are the things i have learned: cool tricks with my pen, standing back flip, front flip, then the usual spiritually stuff. I have also learned a ton of spanish and can understand. For the most part and I can say what I need to say. I am still working on grammer it is hard.

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