Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Email From Managua, Nicaragua

November 23, 2009

Hey family and friends, how are you? Every thing here is great. My companion is from Panama. He is short and fat, looks like a frog but he is super cool. He doesn't speak much spanish (I am pretty sure he meant to put English) so that makes things difficult. He is a really good missionary, I like him. The house, lets see, no ac and um I haven't been in the shower alone yet, there is always a couple cockroches. They are my little pets. The sinks leak so every morning we have a river that we have to mop up. It is a one room place with a bunk bed and a couple tables. The power goes out about every other night, but we have a candle so it's fine.

The people are super cool. I like them a lot. The kids love me and for a lot of them I am the only gringo they have ever seen, but for the most part they are real nice and they love Jesus. It gets pretty scary at nights but its fine. Um lets see.

The area, Acualinca, it is literally the garbage dump of Managua. The area around the dump people make money by taking stuff from the garbage. The area around here has no paved roads they are either dirt or cobble stone but mostly dirt.

My ward is great, there are around 60 or so members. My bishop looks like a hipanic Denzel Washington.

I asked a guy to be baptized yesterday and he said "yes", so I have my first baptizimal date.

Oh the language, they talk real wierd. They don't say there "s" ever and "r = d" and "d = th" so there is some stuff I have to get use to, but I am starting to get the hang of it, but they talk so fast so I don't understand much.

By the way the houses here are basically glorified forts like what me and Zach make. Oh my shower is a bucket and a bowl. I take a cold shower every day but it is ok because it's real hot.

Also I was white washed in my area, in other words there has been no one in my area for 2 months so me and my companion know nothing about it. We have been doing a lot of meeting members and stuff.

I did get the greeny package, thats it.

Well thanks for every thing I got to go. Love you!
Tell all the friends and family hello and I miss you.

Love it here and can't wait to speak Spanish. It will be so much more fun here. Livin the dream.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

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