Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spanish is coming along January 25, 2010

Alright so this week. It was an interesting week. It started off really good, all of our investigators were progressing. Things were good with my comp and we were teaching a lot and finding a lot. We have 8 families that we are teaching.
Then Friday comes around the zone leader came on divisions with us all day and to do a baptismal interview. Well the girl wasn't there, and wouldn't be back till the next day. So we couldn't interview her. So our Zone leader decided to spend the night with us and the next day, Saturday interview her for her baptismo. So he spent the night with us. The problem with that was the sink flooded the whole house so the floor was all wet. We dried it as much as we could then we put the 2 beds on the floor to sleep all 3 of is on 2 mattresses pushed together. Good night.

Saturday didn't go to well either. We had an activity at a different church and a baptism at the same time, so we did divisions. I went to the activity and he went to the baptism.
But when we got there, we found that Friday night some one broke into the church and stole the air conditioning and damaged the church so when Sunday came around sacrament meeting in a suit with no ac is horrible. I was soaking wet. But anyways back to Saturday night, one of our families that was super positive that we have been teaching, we went to visit, and the husband was drunk. Usually he is real lively and fun. He always jokes with me asking if I would like to be black like him and he tells me he wants to be white. He says he is going to put flour on his skin to make him white like me. We talked to him and figured out his problem and stuff. He did go to church the next day so that was good. So we left that house and were walking to do family prayer with a family we are teaching and on the way there a girl yelled to me and asked me to make her a baby. It is real interesting when you can understand people. We went to family prayer and one of the girls that is suppose to get baptized this week decided she is getting back together with her boyfriend. Supposedly they are going to get married because she wants to get married. It's just a hole load of stress, but it's really fun here.

Its really hot here these days, but I am kinda use to it. Texas is pretty hot.

Oh so there is a member here that is the spitting image of scooter from soccer zone. It is hilarious. He is tall, lanky, and has a high pitched voice. He is a little slow. I laugh every time I see him.

My president hasn't said any thing to me about changes or anything like that. My zone leader was trying to tell me that I am going to be a district leader in the next 1 or 2 changes. The zone leaders tell the ap´s who works hard and who doesn't and the ap´s tell pres., so it could happen. But as far as changes, I will just have to wait and see.

You asked for a longer letter, I feel like this one is a little longer.

oh a had my first string of jokes the other day. Saturday night we have ward council and I had everyone laughing their heads off. So I would say my Spanish is coming along pretty well.

About Stevens home coming and mine in the future (we had a boy return from his mission in France last week. I wrote and told Kyle how much he had changed and matured. I told Kyle I was excited for when he came home and had the same kind of growth and change). I will mature spiritually during this mission and stuff, but I am always going to be a mischievous little boy. That's never going to change, I will always joke and screw around. Look at my father. He and I are the same. He blows bubbles with his mouth while he is teaching the young women. That was funny dad.

Well I am not coming home for a while so you will have to do with out me. Hopefully Travis can fill my shoes and make them bigger.

Well have a good week. Dad be safe while traveling (Steve is headed to Malaysia for a couple of weeks).
Love the family,
Elder Bloomfield

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