Thursday, March 4, 2010

The drunk following us home February 8, 2010

Hey family and friends,
Yeah it is fun to talk to people in Spanish but, there is so much more I have to learn. So So much.

So between now and July they are going to send 200 new missionaries to Nicaragua. Many of the missionaries and people here are going to be pushed to work harder to work in spots of leaderships or to train others. We are thinking that they are going to divide it in half and divide Managua in half also, but we don't really know at all. Speaking of changes, we have changes/transfers this Wed.. I don't know what is going to happen. I could change or my companion, but not really sure right now. my companion told the Mission Pres. that he doesn't want to change so we will see what happens.

I am sure it is sad to see Zach go (Zach Kyle's best friend will leave for New Zealand tomorrow to go to school). I am sure he will be fine with out us.....for a while, but I know the family will all miss him when he is gone. It's sad to see every one grow up. Growing up sucks. Tell Zach and Mo that I will take them up on that and I will baptize them when I get home.

Of course I right in my journal every day what kind of missionary do you think I am? gosh... ( asked Kyle if he was writing down all his experiences in his journal so he can share them with us when he gets home, because I feel there is much more to his life down there than we ever here about).

Your thought you heard is like the scripture in the Book of Mormon, I believe it is in mosiah 4 :27 but that might be a huge lie. It's the scripture about how God won't ask you to run faster then you are able. He will push you, but he won't break you.

So things that happened this week. One of our investigators boar his testimony about the church in fast and testimony meeting and the wife boar hers in relief society. Also they invited us over to their house for a birthday party. We had tons of fun and ate cake and talked and stuff. They are golden, but the husband has a drinking problem so we are working on that.

We had a really difficult baptism this week, but a miracle happened that caused every thing to fall into place and it did happen.

So we were contacting a lady yesterday and a 95 year old woman walked into the room and looked at us and the girl we were teaching and turned around to walk away and while she was walking away she yelled make sure and use a condom. It was really funny. She had on animal sunglasses like Olivia and Cassi have and she could barely walk but she still had jokes.

Also there was a drunk hanging out out side of our house yesterday night so at 9 when we went to go in he was standing there and was like I knew you were going to pass by here. so we just walked past our house and he followed us and yelled I am not going to rob you, I just want to talk about God. We went to the house a little later and he was still there so we just walked past again and he was like man stop walking you are always walking . It was funny eventually he left the house and we got to enter. Every thing went well no problems.

I think that is about it. Oh I got my Nicaragua residents id today so I am an official resident.

We'll talk next week. I will let you know how changes go.
Tell Zach good luck and stay safe and I love him.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

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