Thursday, March 4, 2010

1st Transfer in Nicaragua Feb. 22, 2010

Sorry you didn't get a email last week I was trying to send you some pictures so my computer was going really slow then the internet went out so nothing was sent. I decided that I would print pictures out and send them to you.

So this last week has been pretty great. I have a new companion named Elder Chavez. He is great. We get along real well. I am in a different area, it's called the Primavera. It is like 20 mins east from my old area, so I am still in the city. I want to leave this city.
My new area is cool the people here are super nice. There aren't many members so we are a branch. Attendance is about 60 usually.

President Clayton, one of the members of the quorum of the seventy came and talked to us last week. It was cool. He talked a lot about pioneers and the history of the church. I liked hearing that stuff because I don't think many of the missionaries know the stories, they just know the basic doctrine, but there is no problem with just the basics because that is all our faith is based on.

So Mom, you hang out with my friends to much because you use words only us 3 used. epic & glorious. You are a silly mom.

Will you make sure my credit card has around 200 dollars. My mission card was eaten by the ATM machine. I have to wait for another one to be sent from the USA so that will take a couple of weeks. So mean while, I have to use my own card.

It's crazy to think that Steven and Chase (boys from our ward that have been on missions) are coming home. It seems like they just left. It's crazy that it is already Febrero. Just think I had a mullet this time last year and now I am here helping people change their lives.

I got the photos and the activities. Thanks I can use those activities.

Um I don't know what else. Tell the family hey and that I miss them.
Love, Kyle
de le pues

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