Thursday, March 4, 2010

A wedding and 2 baptisms February 2, 2010

Well this week went well. Saturday we married and baptized 2 people. I believe we can do the marriage but since we only do civil marriages we have a lawyer do it so they are married by the law, but the lucky thing is our bishop is a lawyer. He charges us 10 dollars for a wedding, so it's not to bad and the mission will reimburse us.

Speaking of the mission, I have big news. In July they are splitting the mission into 2 different missions. They are sending 25 new missionaries this change and 20 new missionaries the next two changes after that so clearly the Lord has some huge plans for us here.

Oh this week at church we had 9 investigators and one was a family of 5 they are super cool. They were super excited to come to church. They even brought their camera and asked to take pictures with us so they wouldn't forget us. We took them on a tour of the church, when they saw the baptismal font they asked when you could get baptized. It is kinda funny because the first time we talked to the family the father didn't want come to the gate and talk to us, but his wife made him and now they are super pilas and have tons of questions. They even did research on the Internet. That is a lot of work considering there isn't a computer in every house.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, the Internet was down in my area so I couldn't.

Oh about Travis he sent me an email asking for advice. He said that it sucks I am not there for him to talk to. How cute.

I don't have any pictures yet, but maybe next p-day I will send you some.

There aren't really doors here so I won't get the door slammed in my face.

So I have been out almost 5 months now and time is flying and I am always having fun. It is nice being able to speak Spanish and interact more with the people. I am starting to get a personality now. before I was a robot trying to think every sentence out.

Well have a good week!!

Love, Elder Bloomfield

Here is the Article on Kyle's mission being divided as it was announced in the Feb. 13, 2010 CHURCH NEWS:

Create the Nicaragua Managua North Mission from a division of the Nicaragua Managua Mission. The name of the Nicaragua Managua Mission will be changed to the Nicaragua Managua South Mission.

Nicaragua Managua North

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