Friday, July 15, 2011

9 January 2011 Another mission adventure-catch the Elder on the run

You don't want to know what I did today.... It was a real adventure....

Alright so lets go through the week. Monday- We had choir practice for when the apostle comes. I wasn't there because I had to get all kinds of stuff ready and buy things for them. I heard that they didn't sing to well and Pres. told them the need to practice more tomorrow (Monday). Let's see what else. We finally have time to work in the area again and I love it. We are able to see our investigators and the recent converts.

I don't know if I have ever told you about Miriam but she is a recent convert. She is awesome and prays and reads the scriptures and is always at church. The only bad thing about her is that she is really crazy. She use to be one of those crazy people that went to those churches that people dance and scream and speak in tongues and fall on the floor and stuff like that, so we go over and teach her son and daughter every other day so we can teach and baptize them but at the same time we are taking all of the apostasy out of the mind of her. The lessons with her are usually really lively. haha. One day we recorded on of the lessons with her. It was so funny after words.

Oh we went to the doctor again with Lundquist this week and things weren't doing to good still with his ingrown toenail it is a little inflamed so we have to go back tomorrow for another check up and they will probably cut his nail of then. So things are looking up for him.

So things at church this week went well we now have a new ward mission leader. He is awesome and always working. He got home from his mission about 3 months ago. He is already married in the temple. The last 2 weeks on Sunday me and Lundquist have been out teaching lessons and we will be in the middle of lessons then his wife and him show up to the same lesson as us. hahah It is real funny.

Today was an exciting day. We got up and went to church every thing real normal. I love this ward. I love going to this ward, but any ways church started at 9 and the APs call us at around 11:30 and said they were on the way to our church to pick us up, but didn't say why. So they come and get us and pick us up and they are like "well one of the elders has gone crazy and beat up his comp and 2 other missionaries packed his bags and got him on a bus coming to Managua". So we ate a fast lunch at the house and went on the search for him. We found the bus that the missionaries described to us and followed it to the bus stop in Managua. At the bus stop the APs got out and we looked for him but didn't see him until he was just about to leave in a taxi. We decided to follow him until he got to where ever he was going. We followed him, there was 3 other people in the taxi with him. To try and not make a scene we just followed the taxi. First the taxi went to almost a block away from our office but went straight instead of turning to the office. Then it was driving like it was going to the old office where the south is now but it drove straight in front of the office and didn't even stop. Then it went to another bus stop so we thought that he was going to try and get a bus back to Panama where he is from, but then the last person in the taxi got out and it was not him. By this time we had drivin across all of Managua following this taxi. Eventually he got out at some hotel so we got out and grabbed his suit case and went to put it in the car, but he got mad and started yelling he hated us and never wanted to see us again and stuff like that. Then he ran into the hotel and was in a room in there for about 20 min. We just hung outside waiting. Eventually he just told us that he just wanted to go home. Now he is in the office talking to his family on the phone and I bought his plane ticket to go home tomorrow.

So just a lot of lame drama. It is really sad that he is going home because I already had to get a plane ticket for one person that we had to send home a few weeks ago and this week we found out that the kid is in prison now. It is sad to think about. Who knows where this other kid will be in 6 weeks. It so sad.

Well I got to go.

Love you
Elder Bloomfield

Later that day Kyle also sent this message:

We took the kid to the airport after all was said and done he was way sad to go home, but he said he had to do it. Personally I think he smoked because he always wore so much cologne but who knows. Also we went and got Elder Lunquist's toe nail fixed, it was so gross. I should have said got Elder Lundquist's toe nail ripped off. haha There is still a little there.

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