Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work is Progressing April 11, 2010

An important part about calling on mother"s day is knowing what day Mother's Day is. So what day is mother's day?

So this week went really well we found a family of 6 that are super sweet. That same day we found another family. That was on Tuesday. I put 8 baptismal dates with people that day and 3 more on Thursday, so the work here is going well.

Dad don't worry, I write the stories in my journal, but I need to write more.

Wow mom, you are letting Travis skip school, whats up with that? Just because I skipped school a few times, doesn't mean Travis can do it also. Just kidding. Its awesome that the girls did so well with soccer but that is too bad they lost in semi-finales. I miss the good old days when I played soccer. I want to play soccer in college. I can't believe that Travis is going on dates, that is weird.

Hey so next Monday, I am going to the distribution center here to buy a bunch of stuff for the members so I don't know how much money I have on my card, but I will need a couple bucks to do that. Thanks, I hate spending money but it is some thing that has to be done.

Well here is my letter this week think thats every thing. Sorry I didn't have much time.
Elder Bloomfield

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