Friday, April 9, 2010

Facing the Truth. March 8, 2010

Alright so this week went pretty well, we found a lot of people.

One guy we met is rather crazy telling us about all these visions he has and about how he saw the devil. By the way the devil has feet of a cow and only one horn (according to him). We are not sure if he is legit or really crazy. When he prayed, he said every thing 3 times so it was a rather long prayer.

This week we also had a conference with President Martino of the Seventy. We are having a ton of meetings with all the changes that are going on with this mission splitting in July.

So we have an investigator that we have been teaching that said she heard a voice telling her this church is true. Now she is scared and doesn't want to talk to us. It is rather sad. She doesn't understand how she could have followed a church for her whole life that was a lie and not true. Now she is a little down. It's frustrating because she knows its true but doesn't want to admit her whole religious life has been in a church that is not totally true. She is suppose to be baptized this week, but we will see.

Love you,
Miss you
Keep teaching others about the gospel.
Elder Bloomfield

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