Friday, November 12, 2010

Being a Missionary is so Awesome!!!! 23 October 2010

Nicaragua is nice and sunny and hot. I don't really know what we are going to do today for P-day, we thought about going to the zoo, but I don't know. There is not much to do here in Managua, it is the ugliest capitol city in all of the Americas.

I have never cut my hair, I don't have clippers. The ones you sent me broke in the MTC so I just go to a place and pay 1.50 to get my hair cut. Great Nica prices. Always a bargain.

This week was amazing we had trainings all week long and they were all so spiritual and after that all of our lessons were so amazing. Being a missionary is so awesome. 2 weeks ago we had like 5 investigators now we have like 50 it is crazy we are so busy and we only have 4 hours in the area to visit them we run around so crazy short super spiritual lessons. It is so crazy.

Well have a great day.
Elder Bloomfield

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