Friday, November 12, 2010

Last P-Day with Elder Sanders 7 November 2010

Speaking of baptisms me and Sanders (Sanders is the AP that has been Kyle's companion) are going to finish strong. We had one baptism yesterday and 3 more maybe 4 on Tuesday (2 priesthood and one family) and they are amazing. Then Sanders goes home on Thursday, so we are working hard till the last day.

Crazy story of helping a guy out today. He was running down the street and seemed just like a homeless guy and we had extra chicken from lunch that we were looking to give away so we rolled down the window of the car to give it to him and he started freaking out that his wife was making tortillas and her water broke and she was about to have a baby. They didn't have enough money to get a taxi and go to the hospital so he asked for a ride but the mission rules don't allow us to let people in the car, so I just jumped out of the car and started running to the nearest store to break the bill that I had so I could give him money for a taxi. While I was looking for someplace to get change Sanders was talking to the guy. The guy was super happy and was so nice and was like of course I will go to church on Sunday. Then he asked what is his name talking about me. Sanders was like that is Elder Bloomfield. The guy then said, "is it ok if I name my son Bloomfield Raynaldo?? How cool is that? Just giving some one in this country a tiny amount of money makes them gracious enough to name their kid after you. Some time this week I am going to go back and see them. We are going to be way busy all week long with changes and all the new missionaries coming and stuff.

For p-day this week, we drove to Matagalpa with familia Arredondo for Sanders last p-day and we hung out at a jungle and hiked trails and stuff. I will send photos of it later. It was really fun. It reminded me of all the little hikes we take with Dad. The Arredondo family (they are the mission president's family) is so funny. Their kids are named Rebecca and Jose.

Elder Sanders and Kyle on their last P-day together in the Jungle near Matagalpa

Nice Pose!!!

Million Dollar Smiles!! Who wouldn't want to be converted by these two??? No wonder they have such success together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking a rest and pondering in the Jungle

We get 14 new missionaries this change (2 Latinos and one hermana from Canada and all the others are Elders - gringos). 7 missionaries are going home. I am writing in Elder Sanders note book right now. It is like his year book but for his mission- its kinda sad. It is rough to meet so many people and get to know them and know that you will never see them again once you return home, but it's alright that's life

Also I forgot to tell you that one of my recent converts died. She got ran over by a car. I went to her viewing, lets just say they shouldn't have been having a viewing. She was in really bad shape. It is kinda sad to know that she died, but really cool to know that she is just fine in heaven. Pretty cool to think about. I helped her get to where she needed to go. She was only baptized for like 3 or so months.

Love ya,
Elder Bloomfield

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