Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy 4 October 2010

Wow mom your emails are so advanced these days the whole urgent red letter and all. haha just kidding (Every week I ask him questions and he never answers them, so I thought I better put them in Red and bold this week so he would answers them -which he did, well most of them as you will see below).

I don't really need any thing or want any thing so what ever is fine with me. (Christmas package requests).
It would be great if you collected stuff. (I was thinking that he is always giving his ties and has given some shirts to the new converts, so I am going to collect old ties and white shirts from members in our ward and send them to him to give as needed), they are always needed here. Sure stockings for others would be nice (I know there are many Latino missionaries that do not get anything for Christmas from their families, so I asked him if I should put together a bunch of stockings full of gifts and send those down for some of the elders that don't get anything. I know most of the US elders Moms are pretty good to send something for their missionaries companion) and some thing for President and his family would be nice also. The po box address I think works better.

Alright so lets see this week- Monday I have no clue what we did. Tuesday all the new missionaries came from Guatemala and from the states MTC's, so we hung out with them and had training and stuff like that for them. They are some pretty cool kids. Then Wed. morning we had changes. We opened some amazing new areas. I missed most of changes because I had to go pick up the Mission Presidents kids from school so I am not sure on a ton of the changes. Oh just so you know, the other secretary left like 4 weeks ago so I have been flying solo for a while now. There were no changes to the office or any thing like that. We are all new in the office except for Elder Sanders. He has been here for like 6 months but he goes home in 4 weeks. He is the ap and my comp. It will be a sad day when he goes.

Sorry I haven't written yet. (He usually write on Saturday afternoons and this email came late Monday night) Things here are crazy, the changes and the end of the month at the same time puts a real downer on every thing.

How is family home evening??
I will finish writing when I have more time .
Elder Bloomfield (One of the benefits of Kyle being in the office is when he does send his emails, they come from the office and he is usually still on the computer doing other things, so we can chat a little bit. We exchanged 18 emails Monday night after we got this one as he was working on some reports. He told me that he has joined a Gym there for 17 dollars and month with a trainer and all. He said they run to the gym and then lift weights with the trainer and then run home usually 4 mornings a week. He also said that being in the office and eating so much good food and eating out all the time he has now gained about 12 pounds. He said not to worry though because when he goes back out into the field he will lose it all again with the crappy food. He had a cute conversation with Cassi she told him that she "Loves and misses him from the bottom of her heart" he responded back that he has sure missed her also. It was cute and of coarse I had to cry. Anyway, I love it when we get the chance to email chat as I feel they are not so far away and I know they are okay).

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