Friday, November 12, 2010

Much success working in the field at night. 16 October 2010

Well I love working in the field. Every night we just have the craziest super spiritual experiences. People here are so amazing. Also the members if you give them a little push they are amazing. The other night we prayed and asked what 2 families from the ward we should visit to ask them for referrals. We had one family in mind but after the prayer we felt that we should go to this random family all together that we had never visited. When we got there they were really surprised that we were there. So once we got in and settled we started teaching them and we told them all about our prayer and how the spirit guided us there. The family just started crying and said that about 20 mins. before they were talking about how no one in the ward comes to visit them and they felt kinda like out casts but then we showed up and they were super thankful. Then we asked if they knew of any families that we could teach and they have told us about 3 or 4 families now that we can teach. Then like 3 days later we walked over to the other family that we had in mind the first time. We sat down and started to teach them and they just started crying and saying how they could help so much more and all of that stuff then Thursday night we have a thing kinda like mutual but its a little different and they showed up there with friends and gave us the address of a couple families to teach and they said they are going to bring investigators to church.

Also we have another lady that is just crazy, literally crazy and she is so positive we are now teaching her and her son. They are both so positive and fun. The crazy lady prays like she is angry at god and yells at him. It's pretty scary. Last night she prayed for 10 min while yelling it was crazy. It was a rather awkward situation, but she said after the prayer that she wanted to cry.

I will keep your advice to make the mission better with my mind on it always.

Oh by the way Elder Defig and I won the ejemplar umm in English the exemplarary secretaries award for all the missions in Central America. So that's pretty cool. Pres. made us write out all the stuff we do to show to all the other missions because we only have 4 people in the office and there are others that have like 10 or more so the area presidents wanted to know how we do it.

Well I made it to the gym every day this week again, so that makes it 2 weeks of gym every day.

Well keep me posted.
Much love, Elder Bloomfield.

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