Tuesday, July 23, 2013

19 September 2011 Nearing the end of my mission

This week was way frustrating, we had a great week and great spiritual lessons with the investigators, but none of them came to church it was really annoying but that's life so we are moving on.

That is cool that they are so excited about missionary work back home.(Gladis Night did a performance in our area as a missionary tool).  

It was weird at church, we had 4 gringos from Utah attend.  In fact one of then was Elder Francis uncle.  Just talking to them made me not excited to go home at all.  The way they acted made me frustrated.  Don't get me wrong they are way nice people and stuff -they weren't mean or any thing but just the whole cocky I am better then you vibe was coming off and I am not excited to get home and live with people like them again.  

Also at church I gave a talk on the Book of Mormon.  It went pretty well.  I based it off a talk by President Ezra Taft Benson.  

It's  good that you got some rain,  we got like 20 feet of rain and almost struck by lightning every day.  I would get home and put my boots and shoes by the fan so that they would be dry for the next day.  One day it was so bad we just put on sandals and rolled up our pant legs and went out to preach the gospel.  Great times here in the mission field.  

As for what to eat when I get home,  I don't really care.  Eating Wendy's or P- Terrys would make me happy or good old Chuy's  or just a sandwich and a bag of Doritos.  I don't really care.  You know me, I don't care about any thing.  I am just happy to receive things. 

I have some bad news, I am pretty sure I lost all the photos from my mission.   I have really bad luck these days.  Haha   I had them on my hard drive but I think it has a virus. I am pretty sure that the virus just made all the folders invisible or other words hid them so usually I would just go to the search bar and find them but this time there weren't any when I searched but it is probably the computer as it is a piece of crap.  Hopefully                                                       our computer back home works with the hard drive.  Since my camera was stolen, I can not take any more pictures.  Elder Bott has a camera and he takes more photos then you can imagine so don't worry about that. I have tons of photos from these last 3 months.  I am going to buy a memory for 10 dollars so I should be good on the whole memory thing that way I can get the Photos from my companion.
For the last few days of my mission, I will have Elder Lundquist to take pictures, he is like my brother or I could buy a camera just to take pictures of Mom when I get to the airport in Austin. That would be a       photos that I would never forget.
Well we are leaving to Managua in just a bit, so I will write a little later or tomorrow maybe. We are going for conferencia de lideres.  My last one.  Woo Hoo    We are going to sleep there. It takes like 2 and a half hours to get there.  We will take like a 15 person bus (like the van that the packers had)  to get there and we will sleep in the house of the office where I use to live.  

My companion is just finishing the slide show of what we did this month then we are out of here  but he is one of those people that just sits for hours staring at the slide show, so it could be a while or it could be in just a moment.  Well actually, he just stood up so we are out of here.  Love you all.  Have a great week see you soon.

Elder Bloomfield

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