Tuesday, July 23, 2013

12 September 2011 "The Lord comes in and does miracles"

Well first off, about the whole music thing, lets just say you can go to a country that knows nothing about music and try to sing and no one knows you can't.  They think it is pretty good. All singing ability I had is now gone,  I might even be worse then the Nicas at singing.   So as for singing in church when I get home, I will have to tell you - um no...

Yes, Elder Lundquist got his ticket changed so every thing is good.  We will fly until Dallas together then he heads to Utah and me to Austin.  That will be cool to travel home together since we went out together.                                                           As for our last day, we go to the changes meeting and give our last testimony in front of the whole mission then we go to the market to buy our last little things to take home.  After that, we have our last interview with                                                           Pres. and  then we go to dinner and sometimes you go back to his house and have a spiritual meeting and some times you don't. It just depends on the day.  

Alright, I think those are all the questions you asked so as for my week it was rather frustrating because the zone had some many baptismal possibilities and all kinds of stuff happened and after every thing a ton of them didn't get baptized but like always we say a ton of miracles took place.                                                

The lady we baptized 2 weeks ago is amazing.  She can't read but she makes her in recently activated husband read the Book of Mormon to her so she is just super converted and her husband is doing so much better.  It is great to see the gospel change peoples life's.  

The mission assistant to the President came and was my companion for 2 days also this week.  That was fun he helped me go do baptismal interviews.  This week I probably did like 5 or 6 interviews.  I was thinking this week I have probably taken part of like 500 or so baptisms in my mission that is amazing the things that just one person can do with the help of the Lord.  

Haha    Well my companion has gone insane.  He got a 15 foot chain and he chained his new suitcase to the bed it is way funny.  I will show you a picture of it when I get home.  Now I figure if they break in again it is cool with me. The pillow case is still there with out a chain.  You will think its funny until you see me on the airplane and all I have is a pillow case in my hand with brown pants and a black suit coat.                                      I gave away all my other pants.  

We got a big metal barrel and we filled it with water so the sink is no longer needed that the robbers threw through the door so don't even worry.

Just so you know when I am missing a tooth don't be worried, same thing when I have like 30 parasites.  It will be all normal that is how life is here.  I am doing pretty good and not so sick.  I don't eat much these days.  I have only spent 2 dollars all day on food. I think I am down to like 150lbs or so these days.   I feel so skinny and week.  I can't wait to work out for real and run. I will put my ipod on and just run for hours.    I really want to play college soccer so I want to get into great shape.

My mission has taught me if you do all you can the Lord comes in and does a miracle.  That is why it rocks to be a member of this church.  

Well love you all,

Elder Bloomfield

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