Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 October 2011 Only 10 days left!!!!

So Cali. huh?? (Steve just accepted a new position with a company in California.  He was also offered a position  in Utah, so there was much fasting and prayer to get an answer. Kyle just got the news.)   I knew we were going to California, it just felt like the right decision to me.  You never know maybe there is some kind of special mission for you there.

As for the PlayStation, I just want to say that it is not all bad (there was a talk in conference that referred to it as the Satan Station and as the mother, I agree).  What is the one thing that brings all your boys together on a daily basis?  Yes, that is the PlayStation. Maybe it doesn't look like any thing good to you, but some of the best bonding times Mason and Travis have are playing that thing together.  It can bring the family together.  As we know there is something good and something bad in all things.  

Well this week went faster then ever and I am hating it.   I want things to slow down so I can enjoy my last little time here on my mission.  Every day we did lots of work.  Thursday was interesting.  There was a group of people that were suppose to come with us to teach and help out but one of them was beat by her mother so we gave her a priesthood blessing and helped her out.   After we taught a really spiritual lesson to a lady that her husband is member but she isn't.  We asked her to pray with us and she just wouldn't do it.  The spirit was so strong but she just denied the opportunity to accept the blessing of the Lord in her life even though it is so clear that we could be really blessed for following them.  We as members still do that but to not such a great extent, we have the opportunity to do so much more and we just lay back and stay with the normal,  but when we leave the normal and are uncomfortable is when we will receive the blessings.  

It sounds like you had your own personal experience (Coming to the decision to move to California) this week that really helped build your faith. That is good.  Things are so different when the Lord tells you what to do then when just a normal person tells you what to do.  That is why he has the spirit to testify to us.  

As for conference it was absolutamente amazing.  I learned so much and took so many notes.  The Saturday Priesthood session was amazing like usual.  There was even a talk just for me by Elder Waddell.  He talked about what missionaries should do when they get home, it was great.  Now I have so much to study for the next 6 months.  I am so excited.  

Only ten more days like you said.  I am not to excited about that.  The closer it comes the more I don't want to go.  Today something great happened,  I saw the first family that I baptized here in Nicaragua.  They are doing great and are still active.   That made me real happy.  

Well guess that is it for this week.

Love ya,
Elder Bloomfield

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