Tuesday, August 3, 2010

19 April 2010 "A Mission is lifes MTC"

So this week went by pretty normal, we had a sweet birthday party for one of our investigators and they said they will have a surprise for us today so we are going to find out what that is today.

We had 7 investigators at church Sunday it was pretty cool. There is a family from Bluefields that was there. After church he was like that was magnificent, I am going to come again next week.

It rained for the first time here Sunday and by rain I mean it poured. We had to walk from our house to where we eat and we were soaked because it is a 30 min walk. Then we were cold and shivering. it was no fun.

Yeah so this sending picture thing is really difficult but I am going to tell a story while I wait for it (he tried to email us some pictures, but I never got them). So President Martino from the seventy came a while back and he asked the question why do we send missionaries on missions if every one is going to have the opportunity to hear the gospel in this life or the next? He told us we come on missions to convert ourselves, not to convert other people. He said the mtc is training for the mission and the mission is like the mtc of your life. The mission is the training for the rest of your life. The stuff you will learn during the mission and the testimony of Jesus Christ that you grow is far more beneficial for you then for the people you convert.

Well I think that is it. I am not a fan of this emailing thing.
Elder Bloomfield.
Don't get me wrong, I love reading emails, but I hate writing them.

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