Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 September 2011 No real Birthday celebration

Well to answer your questions about the robbery,  "Did they take our furniture"?  That is a funny question because to steal furniture you have to have furniture to steal and we only have 2 chairs, 2 tiny tables and 2 mattresses on cots and that is our furniture.  They did take one fan.  As for clothes they took our normal clothes but they didn't take my missionary clothes.  Yes, they took my guitar.   Also they took  my deodorant, what kind of sick freak steals used deodorant.  That is what I am wondering.  We had bags of refried beans and they took all of those also.  We have no idea who took our stuff and we will probably never figure out who did it.  As for me I just lost the food I had in the house, 2 USB memories, sandals, gel, bag, shirt, shorts, one or 2 ties, sunglasses, and I think that is about it. I am going to burn all my garments when I come home cause I have been using the same garments for 2 years now and they aren't white at all any more. I don't know what kind of drugs they were on but its all good.  I go home in 5 weeks and don't need that stuff any ways.  I don't think I will be needing any more money.  I should be good.

To be honest, no I didn't celebrate my birthday.  But the lady we baptized and a young woman that gave us the reference of the girl that we baptized also gave me a tie. So I have 2 new ties.  It's kinda funny cause I gave some ties away and they gave me new ones.  We cooked a cake for the wedding so I was able to eat cake but it wasn't really for me.  It was for the wedding and baptism.  That is about it for my birthday.  .

As for my future it is looking like I will be going to UVU, but we will not know until I go to the temple when I get home and then we will know every thing for sure.  The AP and Elder Lundquist want to live with me at UVU so we will see what happens with that.

I am so excited for General Conference again.  It is only 3 weeks away.  It will be here so soon.  These next 5 weeks are going to pass so fast.  I am worried to go  home.  For 2 years you wait for this moment and it finally gets here and you don't want it to be here.  I am not excited for my last days of the mission.  I am going to be a mess.  I will cry like a child.  Just thinking about it makes me sad but that's part of life.  Yeah it is weird being in the mission, you are ready to move on but at the same time you want to stay and be a missionary forever.  It will be good to move on with my life and take the next step.  I am excited for that.  It will also be sad to see what my friends have done with there life's when I get home.  It will probably hurt to see every one and the kind of lives they are living (partying etc) when I get home.   I kinda don't want any one to know that I am home when I get there.

Whow  whow, we are not selling the house in Austin if Dad gets a job some place else. Can't you realize I am a child without a home.  I am going to need a  home somewhere and the place is what you make it.  You think Nicaragua is any better then hell....  I don't but,  it is my little piece of heaven. 

Did you look into things about a apple mac book pro computer??

To answer your other question, it is crazy to think that I am actually 21 years old.  The last time I thought about it, I was just a little boy enjoying my life but putchika now I guess I am a full grown man.  That is pretty crazy to me. 

The work is coming along great we have 4 familias already baptized this month in the zone and it is looking like we should get around 12 this month.  We are hoping to baptize another family in our area but things aren't looking to good at the moment.  We don't really have any familias unless we can find a miracle in the next 3 weeks which is totally possible.

Well Elder Lundquist just called me and his flight plans say he is going home on the 12th of October so I won't even be able to fly with him.  That is a huge bummer. 

The car is looking good these days. I heard Travis backed the Denali into the Frontier what a tard.  I don't know how that is possible either.  It has a camera and sensors and every thing he is a true champion to be able to pull that one off.

Well have a great week.

Mom,  I love you!

Elder Bloomfield

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