Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 May 2010 Family of 7 is baptized

So lets go through this week. Wed. we went to talk to the family of 7 that has been having the lessons and do their interviews for their baptisms. Every one knew about the baptism minus the mother of the family because she was always working and was never at the house, so when she got home at 9 o'clock and the zone leaders were there doing baptism interviews, she was pretty surprised. Also we had to convince her that she had to get married. It was pretty funny. We left their house and finished the interviews around 11 o'clock and started heading to the house while it was pouring rain. We had to run and fight off about 10 dogs from eating us. It was an awesome day.

Thursday we just planned the baptisms, worked and had interviews. They went alright. The mission Pres.is working us super hard right now and is making sure every one has repented before the new Pres comes. He put a goal as zone to baptize 100 people, 10 personas every companionship. Luckily, we already have 7 in the month of May, so 3 more to go.

Friday we did a lot of running around and a lot of planning. Nothing exciting really happened.

Saturday was the day of the baptisms. It rained all day long so we were soaking wet when we finally made it to the church. We got them a cake, paid for their wedding and told them that we would make dinner. We bought all the stuff and were making dinner when they told us that friends of the family made dinner for a surprise party after the wedding and the baptisms, so as missionaries we had a lil party and hung out and ate the spaghetti. It was sweet.

Sunday they were all confirmed. It was a success.

More then any thing I am just amazed with the faith of this family. They payed tithing for the first time the day they were confirmed and we have never formally taught them the law of tithing. It was amazing! Oh also, all the members were congratulating us on Sunday for the baptisms of the family of 7 because that has never been done in this branch and the Branch Pres. invited us to dinner at his house tonight.

The mission right now is going nuts. We are all working like crazy and Pres. is pushing us more than ever, it's great. Changes are Wed. but I don't know what is going to happen until changes. I don't want to go as we have a ton of baptisms lined up right now.

The weather these days - it is pretty much lightning and thunder 24/7 and when it rains it just pours. Yesterday the street was like a knee deep river, it sucked, we had to walk through it, but don't worry my boots are amazing.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

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