Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy she made the right decision!! 5 July 2010

Elder Bloomfield (Kyle), not sure who the middle Elder is and Elder Francis.

Well it was a pretty eventful week. Every thing went real well, we had a couple of super cool spiritual experiences and others that weren't so spiritual. But every thing is alright.

One pretty funny spiritual experience was our baptism this week end. It was a family of 4 (a mom and her 3 kids). One of the daughters had gone to a church her whole life so she had little doubts about baptism. She loved the church and loved all the teachings. All week she was back and forth saying, "I will get baptized, or I won't get baptized, I will get baptized, I won't get baptized." She was just super undecided. when we went to pick them up from the house, the girl was like, "no I am not going to the church, I have to watch the house and stuff like that." She kept giving common excuses that she had to watch over the crappy tin house. We convinced her other wise that she could come to the church to watch the baptism, of her mom and brothers and sisters. After a little while she was like ok I will go just to watch. So we got her there and we were waiting for some other people to show up and while she was sitting there waiting every body passed by and congratulated her on her baptism and stuff like that. She would give us the meanest faces, it was really funny. When we were giving the rest of her family their baptismal clothes we convinced her to put some clothes on also and get baptized. So she put on the clothes and went into the the baptismal meeting. Baptismal meetings for the most part are opening prayer, hymn, talk, testimony, baptisms and then sing while they are changing their clothes, then welcome from a member, then song and prayer. Nothing luxury. Just saving souls. When it was this girls turn to get baptized she just sat at the door and was like "the door is holding me, it won't let me past" and stuff like that. It was funny. So I gave her my hand and helped her into the font. When I was showing her how to do it, she was saying "I don't want to, I don't want to," so I just said the prayer and dunked her before she could change her mind. After the baptismal meeting she was like, "well I came to the church thinking I wasn't going to get baptized, but I got baptized, and I am pretty happy I did it. Sunday she was the first person to the church. She had to wait out side because it was still locked. so that is my story of one of the things that happened this week.

Things with Elder Whatcott are awesome. We have so much fun. Having a gringo comp. is so much different then having a Latino.

I haven't met my new Mission Pres. yet, but I should meet him this week because we have a kid that needs an interview with him. He has been waiting for his interview for like 2 weeks so he is getting a little frustrated with us.

Another baptism from the week before of a young girl.

I will keep working hard here and stay safe so don't worry about me. I don't think I have any thing else to say so peace out.

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

July 1st, President Carlos F. Arredondo became the New Mission President of the Nicaragua Managua North Mission as it was divided from the Nicaragua Managua Mission. Here is a picture of he and is wife and a little information about them from the church news:

Lorena and Carlos F. Arredondo

Carlos Francisco Arredondo, 52 and Ruth Lorena Laparra Veliz Arredondo (five children) are from the Acatan Ward, in Gualemala City Palmita Stake. Pres. Arredondo serves as a public affairs director and is a former stake President and counselor, bishop, and missionary in the El Salvador San Salvador Mission. Materials management manager for the Church. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to Victor Manuel Arredondo and Graciela Elizabeth Castro de Arredondo.

Sister Arredondo serves as a ward Young Women president and is a former ward Relief Society and Primary president and ward Sunday school teacher. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to Gilberto Antonio Laparra Martinez and Amanda de Jesus Veliz Laparra.

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