Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Greenie" Companion 21 June 2010

Alright so as you said the Lord has a sense of humor. You will find it funny that my new comp. is Elder Whatcott one of my old first grade friends from Gilbert, Arizona. He completed one week in Nicaragua today. I am his trainer, his "dad" as they say in the mission. It is awesome working with him, they (new elders) have such a different outlook on the mission when they come out of the mtc. It is sweet! We are going to do a ton of good work. Kinda sucks he doesn't know much Spanish yet, but my Spanish rocks so not a big deal. We are going to do some sweet stuff this change. It's so different having a comp that wants to work compared to my last comp.. I witnessed about 3 miracles just yesterday. I can't wait to see how the change ends.

New companion Elder Whatcott with the 2 girls that were baptized.

Family of the girls that were baptized.

I am also the new District Leader of the most successful district in the mission so that is real sweet. We are going to have a sweet 8 more weeks. I am super pumped right now. As for my health, it is perfect so don't worry about me.

Well I don't know what else to write. We had 2 more baptisms, and we have a going away devotional for Pres tomorrow. I am sweating a ton right now. It's so hot. Oh yes, I am still in the same area. Just so you know, when this change ends I will have been here 7 months.

Well I love you and miss you,

Good luck with every thing.
Elder Bloomfield

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