Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Blessings 16 August 2010

Kyle and his companion, Taylor Whatcott chillin in a hammock

Alright so super sweet blessing this week.

Wednesday it was looking like we weren't going to have any baptisms this weekend, so we decided to interview a couple people and just see what the zone leaders thought, but Wednesday we got a phone call of a reference of a family that went to the church in Guatemala and wanted to keep going to the church. It was only a mother and her daughter that had been to church but there are 10 other kids and some have husbands. We went to the house on Thursday afternoon and we put a baptismal date for Saturday. Friday they had there interviews and Saturday they were baptized and Sunday they were confirmed. Also we baptized this guy that calls me Chuck Norris he is the brother of the black family that was baptized.

We had some super sweet blessings. As far as retention there are 35 recent converts that are in our area and so far in this month 25 of them have been to church so its alright. As a mission we have like 67 percent retention, so we have a lot of more work to do.

It is going to be sad leaving my area after 7 months but I am pumped to move on. It will be interesting to see what happens. I think I am in for a surprise on Wednesday, but who knows they are just rumors.

Sounds like things are going good back home. It is crazy to think Travis is a Junior and also I am old, I am almost 20. That is so sad to think about. Growing up sucks.

I think that is all. Oh I pulled 75 dollars out of my account. Sorry I needed money for the baptism and gifts and stuff for peeps.

Well love you and have fun back home.
11 months today - woo hoo
only 14 more.
Love, Elder Bloomfield

Home of one of the families with several children that Kyle taught and baptized.

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