Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Robbed for the first time!!! Yikes!!!! and p-day at Mombacho Volcano 7 June 2010

What a pretty successful week!!!

Let's start off with Monday night. I was robbed for the first time. We were walking through this huge field that has about knee high grass at about 9 at night. The only light that there was, was the light of the moon so we couldn't see much. As we were walking 4 guys jumped out of the grass and put a knife to the neck of my comp and put a knife to my stomach and put their hands in my pocket and took all the money I had. All I had was 10 cents, so sucks for them but they also stole the cell phone, then they left. It made me really mad because they were all really little and I could have done something to them if I wanted, but I decided against it. The next day we went back there because we have investigators there in the area. The 4 little guys were still sitting right there. oh boy i..... putchika I didn't do any thing . Any ways just so you know I have to buy a new cell phone.

Lets see what else, oh I had to put a new hole in my belt this week not a new whole to be bigger a new whole to make the belt smaller. That is how my health is going - skinny but I am so weak it sucks. I want to run and go to the gym so bad.

Another highlight of the week. We convinced a gay that he should change his life and stop being gay. That was pretty cool, we just talked about the atonement and about repentance and he was like "I don't want to be how I was before".

We have 2 kids that we are going to baptize right now that want to go on missions and are of age. That is awesome! it will be super cool to send two converts on missions but they have to be members for at least one year.

Oh today we went to the biggest volcano in Central America it was super cool the assistants of the Pres. took us and 3 other companionship's because we baptized the most families in the month of May. It was pretty cool. A good privilege to earn. It is called Mombacho if you want to look it up on the Internet.

Um oh also I cooked a cake Saturday for the baptism of my district leader it was really good and look professional.

well good luck with summer make sure and take a good rest because I don't have any time to rest until I get home in 2011.

I can't believe it is June!

Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

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