Thursday, August 5, 2010

The curse of the Parasite! 20 July 2010

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, it was a holiday here in Nicaragua, so every thing was closed. It was good old Presidents day here. Every body was just running around like a bunch of crazies.

Let's see, oh I have a secret but you can't tell (I think that is so I don't tell his Mom). This week Elder Whatcott got a parasite so we didn't work much. He went to the bathroom with diarrhea over 60 times. We didn't leave the house to work for like 3 days. It was pretty bad, but now he won't eat anything because he is scared of getting another parasite. He is down like 20 pounds, but I am still rocking super healthy.

We had interviews with the new president on Friday also. They went really well. He asked how much time I have in my area. When I told him, he was like "wow that is a ton of time in one area". I said "I know tell me about it!!!" Then he asked how many I had baptized in that area and again he was like "wow that is a ton of people to baptize."

This past Saturday we finally were able to baptize the kid that was gay. He has changed a ton and we had to go through so much work to get to be able to do that. He had an interview with the new mission president and it was his first interview ever. It was pretty funny. I handed him the paper we have to fill out with every baptism and he just looked at it and was like why did you give me this. I had to explain to him all about the paper. It was funny, but now he knows.

Well changes are coming in 4 weeks, I can't wait to see where I go. I am so ready to leave this area. I am trying to leave with a bang and baptize a ton the last Saturday I am here. We will see how it goes.

Elder Bloomfield

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