Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lesson learned: Sacrificing and not watching the World Cup Soccer brings blessings! 14 June 2010

Well this week went pretty well. I bought a new phone for about 10 bucks . Stuff here at the market is really cheap.

Alright so lets see. I don't really remember this last week it went by so fast. We had one baptism.

Super sad the world cup started and that is all that is on tv, but I can't watch it. Well I could if I wanted but I decided with sacrifices come blessings so, about a month and a half ago I made a covenant with the Lord that I wouldn't watch a single soccer game for my whole mission if he would just bless me with people to baptize. To be specific I asked for 2 people every weekend, and since then I have baptized about 2 people every weekend so clearly the Lord listens to our prayers but it is hard not to watch soccer. At lunch every day there is a game that is on and oh boy it is rough. The usa - england game was on and I will be honest I didn't look at the tv once. But don't worry I have a little paper in my agenda to keep track of who is playing who and the scores.

Well today was the last p-day before changes so another elder and I went to the store and bought stuff to by hamburgers and potatoes to make french fries. Lets just say we were cooking from like 11 till 4. Hamburgers for basically all of the zone and about 20 pounds of french fries. It was a ton. Also an elder and I made a hotel California music video as I played and sang it on guitar it was a real fun day.

Well I am super pumped for changes Wed., it is going to be nice to get a new comp.

Have a fun day.

Love you, Elder Bloomfield

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