Thursday, August 12, 2010

Short and Sweet (not much going on as he is sick) 26 July 2010

I am just hanging out here. It is super hot partially from the sun and partially the cold / fever I have. Don't worry not a big deal life goes on. Well I have been learning a ton these days with my kid (that is what they call a new missionary that is being trained). It's crazy how we can learn so much in just a week.
I don't know what all to write this week. I am doing great, the mission is doing great. In fact, this next week we have a 4 days of classes. All the leaders of the mission will be having a conference. It will be a long time to sit and talk, but I always leaved so spiritually pumped, so it is worth it.

Well sorry, but I think that is all I have for right now.

Oh and changes are in 3 weeks and if the intuitions I have are true, I will be happy in my next area, but we will see.

Love you and keep safe,
Elder Bloomfield

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