Tuesday, August 3, 2010

621 Baptisms for the mission in the month of May 31 May 2010

Well news of the mission first: We baptized 621 people this month and 105 families. My zone, Bello Horizonte baptized 15 families and 60 people. I baptized 12 people and 3 families this month. This week was super crazy. So Thursday we did the interviews for our baptisms. Every thing went well, all three passed, then Friday was the huge wedding party. We got together at the church at 7 in the morning to start setting up. It was really beautiful. At 5 we went back to the church for the wedding, it was really hectic because we were marrying 9 couples and they all had to talk with the lawyer and give the information she needed but no one was doing that so I took charge and made sure every one had every thing done with the lawyer. We finished the weddings, the Pres. of the mission came and talked to us and came to the weddings. It was real cool. After the weddings, we had a dance, dinner and a cake prepared for them. Every thing finished off well but the church was trashed.
So Saturday we went to the church again at 7am to clean up the mess and set up for the baptisms. Then we left to teach a couple people and get our families ready to come back to the church. They got to the church at about 5pm. I gave them white clothes to do the baptism and helped every other of the 22 people that was baptized have clothes also. Any ways the baptisms turned out great we left the church at about 8:30.

During the day we had passed by a guy that needed financial help. He lives in Bluefields and wants to take his sisters body to Bluefields from here, but his sister is in a coma. She is only alive with a breathing machine that she is connected to. To see if this guy's story was true, we went to the hospital to see his sister and give her a blessing. She is in really bad condition and as missionaries we can't just give away money, so we are kinda trying to find a way to get him back to his home with her. It is hard as we don't have time to do this kind of stuff. We can't help much, so I feel bad.

Sunday we went and got the people and brought them to church for their confirmation. While I was in sacrament meeting I felt like I needed to go out, so I left the chapel and was walking down the hall and another elder that was out getting ready for some baptisms needed some help, so I helped him out and when I finished that, sacrament meeting was over so I was walking to find my comp when another missionary asked me for some help and he needed me to come with him. We had to go to these girls house and talk to their mom so that we could baptize them that day before their sacrament meeting ended at 11 because we had to confirm them also. So me and this other elder ran to the house where these girls lived like 20 min away from the church and they weren't there but their mom was so we talked to the mom for about 10 mins. explaining the situation that her kids want to get baptized and would she approve of that. By this time it was 10:20 so we ran back to the church found the girls that were already there, the district leader interviewed them and I baptized them. It was a 14 year old girl, a 10 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. Since we had a ton of baptisms the day before, there was only white shirts and dresses left so the boy had to wear a dress to get baptized. We got them changed and into sacrament meeting to get confirmed at about 10:59. So that is basically how my mission is. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So really I baptized 15 this month. Pretty cool!

love you fam and mom and steveo

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