Monday, October 15, 2012

27 July 2011 ZL in Chinandega with Elder Bott

Ok,  so here is the big news:  we will start of by saying I will still be ZL for this change and the next one and I am now in the Zone of Chinandega Oeste area Acome.  My comp is Elder Bott.  We both just got to this area so we are re-opening the area.  So 3 of 6 areas I re-opened, great luck I have. 

As for my house here, it is big and has nothing in it but 2 cots with mattresses on top of them and 2 tables and 2 chairs and a lot of garbage but we put all the garbage in the back yard and burned it so now the house is super clean.  Besides the bat poop that is all over the place, that is a real downer the whole bat poop  There is not a refrigerator or anything like that and a our toilet  floods the whole house.   So things are looking great as far as the house goes .  At least it is big.

I have learned there is no reason to freak out cause I can't change any thing and complaining and crying isn't going to make any thing better so I just deal with it, that is my train of thought

We eat lunch and dinner with members and breakfast is what ever we can find.  They are pretty cool and the dinner food is usually pretty good,  but I miss my food from Esteli, it was good.

As far as my flight plans, I am pretty sure the secretary already has them so I can ask him this week for them and he will give them to me.  Yeah I am for sure going to come home the 13th of October and yes it is possible that i get home at 11:30 at night so we will see.  Usually the people get home around 8 or 9, if I am lucky I can get home as early as 6 but I only saw that happen one time.  

All I know is that I am going to be real mad if my plans get messed up.  I don't make plans often so when I make plans you don't mess with them.  Like the day I get home from the mission and also Dec 4th, you don't mess with that kind of stuff they are set in stone.  How are things looking December 4th??  (Kyle has a plan to go to the temple first thing when he gets home from his mission all by himself so that he can talk with the Lord about his mission and future plans- the problem is it looks like he will not get home until 11:30pm as that is the only delta (the church uses delta) flight from Nicaragua that I found.   The stake President will not release him until the next evening if that is the case (I already checked into that).  The other problem is the Temple here in San Antonio does not open until 3:00pm on Fridays, so he can't get up first thing and go to the Temple as planned and then come home and go jet skiing.  I am afraid his plans may not work out.  His Dec. 4th plan is to meet several of his mission comps. in SLC and attend the Christmas Devotional at the conference center.  I think we can pull that one off as planned.  He is so cute as he has it all worked out)

In my opinion it would be best if you don't move to Utah because I will need an excuse to get away from Utah on occasion and Austin is a happening place.  

It seems like things are really rough for Texas with out any water, that is the worst (as you know we are in an extreme drought here.  No rain for months and it is sooooo hot besides.  The latest this week is that foundations are cracking because the ground is so dry - PRAY FOR RAIN FOR US!!!!!!!!).  I love water.  Today I stood in the back yard of my house pooring water on me for like 30 mins.  cause it is so hot.  haha We don't really have a shower so we use a bucket in the back yard, it is way refreshing.  I will take a picture and send it to you next week,  it looks like we are in a jungle bathing.  haha  Got to love the mission unfortunately all good things have to come to an end.   

Well Elder Fallabella, the Area President is coming to have a conference with us tomorrow so I am pretty excited for that.  I am sure he will teach us a ton of cool things.  

Elder Bloomfield    

Road Kill  YUCK!!!  very common sight with all the stray dogs

Looks like Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

Yummy!   Lunch is served!!

Playing Uno with investigators

A Man singing

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