Monday, October 15, 2012

Mission office 28 September 2010

Hey how are you doing?? Well things like usual were really crazy. Oh just so you know my p-day is now Saturdays so if you want to write me you should do it before Saturday.

Alright lets start with Sunday of last week. We had 14 investigators in church. It's super crazy how every thing is going because we work for like 3 to 4 hours in the field every day. We don't have much time but we are killing it and should have a ton of baptisms this change. These days I am finding people just have the weirdest doubts and problems. Like one lady past a ton of time and didn't want to get baptized but when we sat down to talk and figure out why, she said it was because she has always had the dream to learn how to be a belly dancer and if she got baptized she wouldn't be able to do that. Also this other girl stalled for like 3 weeks and didn't get baptized cause she wanted to get baptized in a river and not in a font. It's crazy if the investigators talk the whole lesson and us as missionaries just talk a little it is just far better, the spirit is so strong and we can figure out what peoples problems are much faster. That is what I have been learning about teaching these days.

Oh then Sunday night we went to President Arredondo's house to eat dinner. It was fun. I played the guitar for him, it was kinda awkward but cool.

Staying in the office is awesome. The mission finance secretary, the 2 AP's, the secretary that is training me, a sick kid and me all live together in this huge 2 story house that has one shower with warm water. woo hoo It has air conditioning in the room that we sleep. We don't have any people that make us food so we just eat out all the time. In other words I am going to get fat real fast here. But it's fun.

Wed. morning at 5 we got up to go play soccer. It was a lot of fun but I have really bad news. My soccer shoes soles fell of so I am going to take them to a guy to see if he can sew them back together or glue or magic or something. If he can't, I will have to buy new soccer shoes. Sorry.

Oh other news here in the mission, we have 2 cars a truck and a small SUV. The small SUV is a manual. I am one of 3 people in the whole mission who have permission from Pres. to drive a car. It is crazy driving here. It's like driving in Malaysia, kind of like I am driving in the formula one race, plus the streets are just straight crap. It is really sucky Oh well I love an adventure.

So on an average day we get to the office at 8am and work here till 5pm then we go to work in the field. It is pretty different from what we did before.

Well I think that is all, things here are awesome!!!!
Love, Elder Bloomfield

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