Tuesday, October 16, 2012

29 August 2012 Another week came and went

Well lets see what is happening.  For p- days we don't do any thing fun.  We don't go sight seeing and we don't do any thing of the sort.  We have a couple minutes right now to check our email then we are going to go try to make pizza with a family that we baptized.  As for families I will be eating cake on my birthday because my birthday happens to be on Saturday and Saturday is baptism day.                                                    I baptized a family today and yes it is p-day but Saturday we are going to have a wedding and a baptism for a sick family.  I will be baking a cake as well as hopefully eating some. 

So this week was real interesting.  Thursday we had a testimony meeting with the zone and it was way spiritual.  After words, we joked with one of the elders in the zone cause he was the only one to not baptize a family.  It was way funny cause he is the kind of kid that if you look and talk and hang out with him you are like this kid is a full on flamer.  (gay)  It was way funny, he is one of my District Leaders and an amazing missionary,  he is just a little femy but I love the kid and he is one of the best missionary's in the zone.  On Friday I got up and went to lunch and came home and went to bed and didn't get up until Sunday morning to go to church.  That was interesting.  I had a 103.3 fever for a while and the runs and threw up also, but I am fine now.  Nothing a blessing from the priesthood couldn't solve. 

Sunday we took a bunch of people to church, then we went to a meeting with all the leaders in the stake and we gave a report of what all the missionaries did this month.  After that, the day was over. 

As for going to the temple, I have to go some where when I get home  (Kyle says he want to go to the temple first thing when he gets home to reconcile with the Lord, but the San Antonio temple is closed for cleaning when he gets home, so the nearest temple would be Houston).  I still want to go alone so we will see how things all go when I get home. 

 Also, great news from Elder Sanders. Saturday he is going to propose to his girl, so he is doing good work.                                                            That was done in less then a year.  That's what I am looking for also. 

Alright spiritual experiencia of the week-- was with the family we are going to baptize this week.  He is a                                                           member but less active and she is not a member but a solid investigator.  The guy has just been a real pain in the butt these last couple of weeks just saying he wants nothing to do with the church and that he doesn't want to get married and stuff like that.  We have been teaching him and making progress but little by little and this last week we had a sweet lesson and he was like I had a dream of me marrying my wife and we were way happy and in my dream our life was just great so I have decided the Lord wants me to have a change in my life.  So now he is awesome and showed up to church on time with a white shirt and tie.  He                                                   had a meeting with the bishop to get his life on track and every thing.  It was like a 100 percent change in just one dream,  so that was the cool thing that happened this week. 

This next week will be busy.  We are looking at baptizing 7 familias as a zone as well as have changes and all the problems that come with changes. 

Well -
Love you,
Elder Bloomfield

P.S.  Can I give a suggestion of a present for my birthday?
I was thinking tickets to Michael Jackson would  be great.   If Dad gets a job we get tickets to Mike, if he doesn't, we don't, ok sound good?
Also,  I recall I was promised a laptop when I got home.  That is the only thing I am asking for.  The rest I will get for my self  but the laptop.  I do not want a crappy dell.  I am sick and tired of crappy computers- 2 years of it is enough.  An apple would be great.  I am a ZL.  My job is to talk to all the missionaries and make sure they are happy. While talking to them, we talk about other things as well.  It turns out most of them are computer geeks.  Seems like the whole world are computer geeks and they tell me all this stuff about which ones are good and what to get.  Just check them out and thanks for looking in to it.  Your the best mom ever.

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