Tuesday, October 16, 2012

16 August 2011 Hitch Hiking

Ha Ha,   I find it funny that I didn't have any emails asking whats wrong or why I hadn't written (We did not get an email from him on Monday as usual, but I have learned by now to just wait it out and not panic that he always has a reason and it is not worth stressing over as he is in the Lord's hands).  Well, I will tell you why I didn't make it.   It is because I hitch hiked a ride from Leon to Managua.  I know you probably are going to say that it is dangerous but it really wasn't.  I rode in the bed of the truck for a good amount of time.  It was pretty cool.  I am fine and all is well.   We had to go to Managua because we had a consejo de lideres and we have another one Monday again. 

As far as last week, it went really well we baptized a family and we made an amazing cake.  No one believes we made it so Friday they said we have to make another one for an activity that they are going to have in the church.  This week we probably have 2 more baptisms so I am excited for that.  This area is awesome we have learned so much stuff and my comp is pretty cool.  He is a little weird at times but a great missionary so I have learned a ton with him.  I am doing great, so don't worry about me.  I will be strong to the end.

Okay,  I am all out of things to say. 

Sunday is the dedication of the El Salvador temple so we don't have our regular church.   We are just going to watch that by satellite. Everyone who watches it must have a recommend, so none of our investigators will be able to attend.  

Love you,

Elder Bloomfield

Here are some more pictures from one of my companions:

P-day fun!!

Getting cooled off

Time for lunch

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