Monday, October 15, 2012

Miracles and Flat tire 25 September 2010

Alright, we had some pretty sweet road trips, but they don't stop here. We leave in like 20 min. on another road trip to Siuna where Elder Brown, Sanders and others are to help with there first baptisms ever. 25 at one time. I will take pics, it will be sick. Well we have already drivin over 1000 kilometers this week, so we will probably drive another 1000 today and tomorrow. It will be 2 long days. ( heard from the mother of one of the Elders Kyle was traveling with, that they drove from 3pm to 2 am to get to Siuna. They had to help pull a truck up a ledge that had gone over and was blocking the way. Siuna is the place I sent the email from the other Elder about last week. The missionaries have only been in over 2 weeks and they had 25 ready for baptism. They were baptized in a river as they do not have a font there yet.)

Wed. or Tuesday night we slept in a hotel in a little town called Ocotal. It is up by the border of Honduras. It was pretty awesome!! We found an amazing new area for the missionaries to go to.

Also we had a super awesome experience, I think on Tuesday. We were visiting this other area that we were going to open called Rio Blanco. We looked up on the computer to see if there were any members that lived there and there just so happened to be one family that lived there. So, we went to Rio Blanco, it's like a 5 hour drive. We got a flat tire on the way, but no biggy. Check out the cool pic from that. So, we searched around the town to just see how it was. It was really cool. Then we started looking for the families house. We found them and it is a family of 10 people and some of the kids are married already so it is a huge family and they are all members. When we got to the house the dad of the house took us to the back room of his house and started talking to us and letting us know about the family and about his life. It turns out he is a member and has been sealed in the temple to his family and use to be a branch President when he lived in another city. You couldn't ask for any better of a set up. We left with him immediately to try and find a place for the missionaries to live and a place to have the church. We had great success. After that we went back to the house to talk with the whole family. We all shared scriptures and sang and every thing. They had a little six year old kid that had the hymns memorized. It was awesome, after that we gave them the message, we gave every single family member a blessing of comfort, then we dedicated their house with them. They were really scared that we were just coming to see and not to establish the church there. They had been praying that the church would come to the town and every thing. It was so awesome. It was an amazing experience. They all cried as the spirit was so strong and they were happy to have the church in their town.

Well we got to go, love you and talk to you soon.
Elder Bloomfield

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