Monday, October 15, 2012

1 August 2011 Elder Falabella is Amazing!!!!

First off moving to NEW YORK would be amazing. (Steve interviewed for a position there). I was actually thinking the other day that I should try and move there after college for a little while.  

You guys sound like you are just doing a little of every thing up there in Texas.  Seems like you guys are keeping way busy.  What little girl broke Masons heart that he had to get it checked out???  

So my week was pretty eventful, also we didn't even work in our area until Thursday cause we were doing so many things.   It was pretty sad  but turned out to be a great week so lets see, here we go:
Tuesday we had Elder Falabella come here to Chinandega to have a conference with the missionaries from Esteli,  Leon and Chinandega.  It was amazing.   I learned so much and he talked about so many things it was amazing!!!   Wednesday,  we went to Managua cause we had a leaders council with him.                                            That was super spiritual and we had a special testimony meeting there with Elder Falabella then after we prayed on our knees and Elder Falabella offered the prayer and it was a great prayer.   He is an amazing person.  It made me think being a strong member in the church has so many more                                      blessing that being a normal member has.  For example, here in the mission if you are a leader you always have more meetings and more opportunities to feel the spirit and meet people that will really help you strengthen your testimony.   It is the same out side of the mission, if you are a leader in the church you can meet people that have more knowledge and can learn so much, like the Bishops with Seventies and Presidents of Stakes and the Seventies learn from the Apostles and the Apostles from the Prophet and Prophet from God.   It is amazing, so the more converted you are the more blessing you receive helping you to be stronger in the church.  

Any ways,  yesterday we had a super spiritually lesson with one of the families we are teaching and it is so funny cause they feel the spirit and want to change but they just don't understand that the spiritual things are so much more important then the temporal things.  That is one of the problems with this country.  That is why there isn't a huge economical progress.  

Well that is enough for now.  Always work..  and remember 1 Nephi 3:7 - he will prepare a way you just have to find it.  If you notice the first plan they had didn't work to get the brass plates, the second plan of giving all the gold didn't work either, but the third plan they had worked.  So just have patience..

I will be honest I am way worried about going home,  every thing will be so much different, it will be interesting to see how things go.  So much to talk about when we get home.

Elder Bloomfield

Well lets see here is my Spanish and mission made up word interpretations of our family:

Dad - Pilas  (pilas is like a hard worker and good person)
Mom - sensible   (sensible is sensitive)
Kara - Tuanis    (tuanis is awesome)
Travis  - Salvaje   (Salvaje is Savage but it means like some one that is cool and funny and stuff like that)
Mason - soñador   (soñador is a dreamer)
Olivia - Musa    (musa is a girl that flirts a lot)
Cassandra - Guapa  (guapa is pretty but we can throw in  delicate)

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